Tata Consultancy Services deploys Cognix customer experience platform to AGL – CRN Australia

ASX-listed energy and gas generator and retailer AGL has tapped Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to upgrade its IT infrastructure and replace its operating model.
TCS was tapped to deploy its own Cognix customer experience platform, a “human-machine collaboration suite” consisting of pre-built solutions for digital transformation projects, including machine learning algorithms, advanced analytics, natural language processing, and automation technologies.
The system integrator was selected for the project partly from its existing partnership for close to a decade, with AGL looking to improve its customer experience by overhauling its retail business operations across its front office, back office and IT infrastructure.
“We are honoured to partner with AGL to help realise its vision to provide ever superior experience for customers,” TCS global head of cognitive business operations Ashok Pai said.
“Together, we have built future-ready cognitive operations while setting a new gold standard for the modern customer experience. This showcases how an AI-powered and insight-driven approach can help companies reimagine experience and better address customer needs.”
The Cognix platform has enabled AGL to generate insights from its customer data, drawing from some 45 million annual digital interactions, 50 million daily smart meter reads and 800,000 data points per second across physical assets.
TCS also co-developed an analytics solution with AGL to convert information from multiple data sources into actionable insights, including a capability to track down customers having issues with their services and resolve them.
AGL general manager of customer market operations Glenn Waterson said, “We’re continuing to embrace innovation to evolve as an organisation, drive transformation in the industry and respond to customer demand.”
“We want to help our customers manage their essential services and energy use, ensuring they experience simple, digital-led services across all of our products. TCS’ expertise and cognitive solutions have made it a key strategic partner in our journey.”
Last week, TCS expanded its IT services deal with mining and metals company South32 for application and infrastructure services to improve its operational resilience and business agility. The integrator deployed a similar solution, its Machine First Delivery Model that uses Ignio AIOps and ERPOps.