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LINDSAY GUIÓN has a passion for wellness and represents extraordinary talent. His 2022 goals includes showcasing his new talent and helping others normalize therapy and health. 
After a recent conversation with LINDSAY GUIÓN, I was left with a feeling of optimism for the year ahead. Founded in 2005, he is the Founder and CEO of GUIÓN PARTNERS, an entertainment and sports representative enterprise. With over twenty years of experience, Lindsay Guion has expertise in the entertainment industry. However, he noticed a lack of rounded representation, which led him to leave his industry role to take on the part of helping others find their path. With the help of his own experiences and knowledge of the industry, Lindsay gathered a group of industry professionals to create a team that specializes acclimating new talent to the entertainment industry. 
Exciting New Talent 
One of the things that excites Lindsay the most is his passion for choosing greater talent. Jade Novah is a brilliant and talented artist who has achieved great success in the industry. She has over thousands of fans and followers across the globe, with many major performers like Rihana and Beyonce calling her the next big thing. Despite her impressive career, she remains humble and prefers to be herself both on and off the stage. The world of music entertainment has seen her come into prominence with her creative work, but one thing that Jade wants fans to know is that she loves performing and creating space for experiencing good music.
Mental Health and Wellness 
As the founder of The Therapy Collective, aims to help people realize their full potential. He is a business expert committed to his passion for assisting people in excelling through better mental health to live their best lives possible. His major two initiatives 2022 are The Therapy collective and Through excellent brand partnerships, his
His 2022 goal includes showcasing his new talent and helping others normalize therapy and wellness.
LINDSAY GUIÓN has a big year ahead of him. He will be showcasing his new talent, working with luminaries in Hollywood, and helping other people normalize wellness and therapy. Lindsay believes that The Therapy Collection is the perfect platform for him to have this year because it combines his love of working with celebrities, healing others, being healthy himself, balancing his personal life with business obligations.

GUIÓN’s new projects for 2022 will be centered around is pursuit of wellness, self care, and normalizing mental health. He shares his knowledge, expertise, and experiences to help others find their path to health and happiness. You can find out more about Lindsay at and
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