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Norway’s ‘threadbare’ Christmas tree present underwhelms some in Britain
Norway’s annual Christmas tree gift to London provoked unseasonably abrupt responses on Thursday, including demands that the 24-metre Norwegian spruce be replaced, after it appeared to be less than symmetrical with some broken branches. Every year, a tree is felled outside Oslo and sent to London’s Trafalgar Square as an offering of thanks from Norwegians for Britain’s support during World War Two.
Conspiracy theories take root in Italy, survey shows
One out of 10 Italians think astronauts never set foot on the moon while 5.8% believe the earth is flat, according to a poll published on Friday, which said conspiracy theories had taken root in Italian society. The Censis research institute survey, which questioned 1,200 people, also showed that 19.9% of the adult population thought 5G wireless technology was a sophisticated way of controlling people’s minds.
Italian anti-vaxxer tries to get COVID-19 jab in fake arm
An Italian man turned up at a vaccination centre wearing a fake silicone arm, hoping to fool a nurse into giving him a jab in order to obtain a COVID-19 health certificate, local authorities said on Friday. The man, who is in his 50s, has been reported to police in the northern city of Biella, regional governor Alberto Cirio said, adding that the silicone on the prosthetic arm looked “very similar” to real skin.
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