Tahoe Report 12-3-2021: This odd trend is popping up on Tahoe's front doors to keep bears out – SFGate

In Tahoe, homeowners must remain vigilent to protect their houses from bears trying to break in. 
Across the Tahoe Truckee region, a new trend in home design has become more popular in recent years. Door by door, window by window, pairs of wires are strung between brackets and hang across the threshold. On the front door, a yellow sign hangs with a warning about an electric voltage. 
A decade ago, the electric wires were nonexistent. But now, in some Tahoe neighborhoods, the vast majority of homes are outfitted with them. The wires serve a very practical purpose: They prevent bears from breaking into homes. 
Ryan Welch, who is the founder of Tahoe Bear Busters, is so busy installing electric wires on homes in Tahoe that he’s been booked solid for months. He’s been turning away work since September, when he stopped taking on new work just after Labor Day. He was booked all the way through December. Now, he’s finishing up the last of his projects before winter arrives. 
In the 10 years that Welch has been doing this work, he’s outfitted about thousands of homes with bear security systems, using the electric wires that he designed. The technology comes from electric fencing often used on farms or ranches to keep animals in. 
Welch’s goal is the opposite. He wants to keep bears out. 
“Ten years ago, I did wait for that phone to ring,” Welch told me. “Now I just want a break from the phone.
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