Who Will Finance Forever? Will Microbes Be Our Medicine? New book series from ALICE IN FUTURELAND explores the paramount trends shaping the longevity and health of society and the planet – PRNewswire

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Dec 06, 2021, 10:24 ET
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NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Most publications today are talking about the future by way of trends and innovations that have been in motion for decades. But there is a new reality: Global society is at an inflection point in cracking the code to reinvent everything. For the past several years, the major trends in longevity, climate action, biotechnology and more have been setting the stage for a total transformation of how we live, work, produce and heal. Instead of looking at these trends as individual forces, the authors of a new book series ALICE IN FUTURELAND explore the cross-pollination of ideas, interconnecting the impact of three paramount trends that will shape our humanity in the next decade: Longevity, Energy and Microbes.
While the interest in longevity has been around for decades, we are about to press "play" on several therapies and solutions that will slow and potentially reverse aging. This is the promise of several prominent scientists, who claim that a child born today can live to 120. But what is the impact of a burgeoning global society that can now live longer—or if you are digitally inclined, live forever? And who will finance forever? What happens when we can access our "GrimAge" clock, and predict our death age? And it is not just about the longevity of humans. In "Hacking Immortality: New Realities in the Quest to Live Forever," the authors reveal accessible insights on the science and potential for human and planetary health, and envision the future possibilities of unanswered questions like: What is consciousness? Are humans speciating? How will we sustain interplanetary travel?
And speaking of human origins, the past few years have shown us that basically, microbes rule the world. The second largest trend to emerge in the few years is the empirical power of microbes. In their new book "Thriving with Microbes, the Unseen Intelligence Within and Around Us," the authors expound on the superpowers of microbes— which we humans are mainly composed of. From humbling the world in the form of a new virus and its variants, to its colonies that bioferment and biofacture foods, medicines and materials, to its connection to human bonding, altruism and health, scientists are just beginning to collaborate with the intelligence of this ancient and universal species.
Another universal trend that will gain prominence in the coming decade is leveraging frequency—and energy of all forms—as our new invisible technology, and some suggest, the foundation of consciousness. We are realizing now that the energy that surrounds us is the same as the energy within humans, plants, nature, the atmosphere…basically, everywhere. In "Tapping into Frequency: The Invisible Force that Heals Us and the Planet," the authors present a new world view of light, biophotons, sound, bioenergetic fields, electromagnetic waves— and how harnessing the extraordinary power of these invisible frequencies may be the key to a variety of medical innovations and human enhancement.
These are just a few of the new possibilities that science is validating today. For the past twenty-eight years, ALICE IN FUTURELAND has interviewed the most provocative thinkers of our time whose work is not predicting but making the future today. Each book in the series draws on these expert insights to reveal an interconnection of the universal impact of longevity, energy and microbes to help innovators, business leaders and curious culture to not only see the future, but shape the future.
With provocative expert quotes, life examples and tools for further exploration, ALICE IN FUTURELAND books are an accessible and visually exciting primer on cutting-edge topics in science and the future of society:
ALICE IN FUTURELAND books are available for purchase on Amazon and wherever books are sold. (2020 and 2021, Tiller Press, imprint of Simon & Schuster)
About: ALICE IN FUTURELAND is the frontier guide and platform of books, podcasts, and events delivering thought leadership at the intersection of art, science, technology, and culture. The founding partners have provided strategic foresight consultation to cross-category multinational corporations for over twenty-eight years. ALICE IN FUTURELAND explores the human potential through the aspirations and imagination of provocative thinkers whose visions and innovations are shaping new realities. ALICE aims to give these new realities a platform for expression, so the world can begin to make sense of them. 
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