Pandemic highlights value of campus technology services – University of Georgia

Timothy Chester covered six key areas of campus technology in State of Technology address
In the year and a half of remote and hybrid teaching, working and learning at UGA, campus technology played “a bridging role,” Timothy M. Chester, vice president of technology, said during his 2021 State of Technology address.
During the address to more than 170 participants via Zoom, Chester presented data from the 2021 TechQual survey, which showed an increase in end-user satisfaction and positive perceptions of campus IT from students, faculty and staff. EITS has been collecting data on customer opinions of campus IT through the TechQual survey since 2013, and satisfaction has consistently improved over the years, with 2021 being a banner year for IT performance at UGA.
“Based on this data, people tend to have very positive perceptions of IT services here at our institution. This is data that was collected after a year where people are much more aware of how critical IT is to do their jobs, and they depended on IT to do their jobs in ways they never depended on it before,” Chester said. “As vice president for IT, I have really fond impressions of the hard work everyone has done. This is their success story.”
During his address, Chester covered six key areas of campus technology and gave insights into future improvements and challenges.