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Evonik announced that it invested in startup Revivo BioSystems to support the development and commercialization of its technology.
Essen, Germany-based Evonik said in a news release that Revivo BioSystems develops technology that uses a realistic 4D model of human skin to test chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical compounds, offering an alternative to animal testing that can be quicker, more reliable and more cost-efficient.
Singapore-based Revivo’s organ-on-a-chip technology automates testing and sampling procedures in addition to simulating the interaction of human skin with the substance being tested. Skin tissues grown in a laboratory (or a human skin sample) are placed on biochips that are supplied with nutrients and reagents, creating a micro-environment for the tissue models, which reproduce the architecture and functions of skin.
Evonik said consumers prefer substances that haven’t been tested on animals, while more than 40 countries have passed laws to limit or ban cosmetics animal testing. The company is already involved in researching animal-free biomaterials and cell-culture components at its Competence Center in Singapore, with the partnership with Revivo fitting its strategy to build on innovations at that center.
“Our investment in Revivo puts consumer safety first without compromising on animal welfare,” Head of Evonik’s Care Solutions Business Yann d’Hervé said in the release. “With this alternative to animal testing we are proud to strengthen our position as a trusted partner for sustainable specialties.”
Evonik’s investment in Revivo is its first in Singapore. The company established a venture capital office in Shanghai in 2018.
“We are looking forward to taking another step in the development of our company together with Evonik,” Revivo Founder & CEO Massimo Alberti said. “This new financing will go towards growing our services business and commercializing our platform and products.”
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