WandaVision White Vision Legacy Replica Arrives from Iron Studios – Bleeding Cool News

WandaVision was a real treat as it explored the grief of Scarlet Witch after the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. One of the biggest mysteries was the return of Vision, which started as an illusion but ended with the debut of White Vision. This new Vision learned the truth of his return and disappeared by the end of WandaVision, giving us hope for his return at another time. Until then, Marvel fans can bring him home as Iron Studios reveals their newest 1:4 scale statue. Standing 27.6″ tall, this hand-painted statue tall features a cloak made in fabric and is based on original WandaVision references. This incredible statue is loaded with detail and comes with a mighty pricetag of $1,025. The WandaVision White Vision 1:4 Legacy Replica statue from Iron Studios is set to release in December 2022, and pre-orders are live and located here.
“Above the destroyed remains of a library pillar located in the town of Westview is the synthezoid avenger, an artificially created humanoid being. After being revived by his beloved sorceress wife, through the Magic of Chaos, he rises, floating, with clenched fists and a grim countenance, ready to combat any threat to his family, even though he is a ghostly version of his reassembled body, without his memories and his love for Wanda Maximoff. Inspired by the latest episode of the Disney+ streaming TV series Wandavision, Iron Studios presents the “White Vision – Wandavision – Legacy Replica 1:4 Statue”, where the hero faced himself in defense of his beloved wife and children.”
“Revived by his beloved’s magic, in the Wandavision series, he confronted his old body that had been rebuilt in white form by the extra-governmental intelligence agency, SWORD, to be a weapon, and reactivated through a Chaos Magic sample, of Maximoff. In the confrontation, the Vision that had been revived by Wanda restores White Vision’s memories, which leads him to flee for reflection, leaving the possibility of his return to the MCU.”
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