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Rocket Lab has announced earlier today its latest “Neutron” launch vehicle that would be using its “Hungry Hippo” technology to deliver a payload to orbit or other places in the great beyond, soon to venture. The new space vehicle and tech of the company will pave the way for future releases coming for the industry, bringing a new product against that of SpaceX, ULA, Blue Origin, and more.
Rocket Lab’s recent press release has detailed the latest details on its Neutron Launch Vehicle, a spacecraft that is designed to deliver a payload to outer space using a different technology from existing ones. Instead of being attached to the spacecraft, the Neutron stows inside the company’s rocket ship and is released once in the right region or place.
The New Archimedes rocket of the company has also been updated to be a reusable spacecraft that would also make it cost-effective and cheaper to offer its missions to bidders and partners. The focus of the company is to push more of its space program for those that need it, bordering on saving money and getting their package delivered.
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The live stream event by Rocket Lab has shown the first-look on the Neutron rocket and its launch vehicle, but its most interesting technology there is the “Hungry Hippo.” It is a pioneering design from Rocket Lab that “spits out” the payload from atop the rocket, resembling that of a hippopotamus, to deliver the payload to regions it can reach in space.
Rocket Lab is a fairly young company that has been operating privately in the past years, and its goal is to deliver its space ventures that would be partnering with companies and NASA for future missions. One of its focuses is the neighboring planet closer to the Sun, Venus, and looking at possible life forms with its probe missions and technology.
Its competitor, SpaceX, is going the other way by focusing its ventures on the Red Planet of Mars, with its popular Stainless Steel spacecraft that would be advantageous in the iron-rich planet. Rocket Lab has been in the game for a long time now and has been debuting its technology alongside these top space companies in the world.
However, that does not mean that the company is not thinking of going big, especially with the Neutron Launch vehicle and its Hungry Hippo proprietary tech that would aim to have stakes on missions from space agencies. The focus of Rocket Lab is to bring their tech to be one of the considered brands for future space missions, fulfilling their passion for the great beyond.
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Written by Isaiah Richard
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