Is It Time for Wealthy Tech Investors to Lie Flat? – Bloomberg

The bloodbath in tech stocks will have consequences for the startup world. After a decade of minting money, hyperactive VCs may decide it’s time to relax.
The flat life.
The bloodbath in the frothiest corners of financial markets may have some venture capitalists wondering if it’s time to walk away.
While it’s too early to say the good times are over — tech stocks rebounded strongly at the start of this week —  there's bound to be some kind of reckoning for startups: landing a high-priced exit may get harder for their financial backers. Some may reflect it’s not worth the effort and head off to the beach — embracing a flavor of the “lie flat” philosophy of Chinese millennials who are opting out of the rat race. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s Miami-based venture capitalist Keith Rabois’s assessment in the wake of recent market mayhem.