China science, technology news summary — Dec. 11 –

BEIJING, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) — The following is a summary of published science and technology news of China.
China’s shipments of wearable devices went up 5 percent year on year in the third quarter of 2021, according to an industry report published by global market research firm International Data Corporation.
In the July-September period, shipments of ear-worn devices in the Chinese market surged 40 percent year on year to 19.9 million units, while those of watches and of wristbands saw declines.
Chinese and British scientists mapped out how humans’ interneurons, a pivotal type of neuron that enables advanced human activities, develop in infancy, providing clues for the treatment of mental and developmental issues.
The study, published in the journal Science, reported two populations of precursor human interneurons with features that do not seem to be shared with rodents.
It revealed how the human brain developed diverse interneurons that render humanity’s unique advanced cognitive competence.
China’s Long March carrier rocket has completed its 400th launch mission after a Long March-4B rocket successfully sent a new group of satellites into space on Friday morning.
Since the first launch in 1970, the Long March carrier rocket series has carried out 92.1 percent of China’s space launch mission, sending more than 700 spacecraft into space. Enditem