Ashtead Technology Adds iXblue Tech to Rental Fleet – Offshore Engineer

December 13, 2021
UK-based subsea equipment rental and solutions specialist Ashtead Technology said Monday it had strengthened its rental fleet with "a significant investment" in iXblue subsea navigation systems.
The investment includes the addition of further Rovins and Rovins Nano inertial navigation systems as well as Octans attitude and heading reference systems which are now available to rent throughout the company’s nine international technology and service hubs, Ashtead said."
"Based on fibre-optic gyroscope technology, iXblue navigation solutions have become a standard in the offshore industry. Equipping over 80% of the subsea vehicles used in the energy and geoscience industries, iXblue inertial navigation systems and attitude and heading reference systems are accurate and maintenance-free, offering unrivaled performance and power, with robust navigation for remotely operated vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles," Ashtead Technologies explained.
Ross MacLeod, Ashtead Technology’s Technical Director, said: “For 36 years, we have built a strong track record as a market leader in the provision of subsea equipment rental and solutions across the offshore energy sector. This latest investment of iXblue equipment is a direct result of listening to our customers’ requirements and ensuring we have the broadest and most technologically advanced subsea equipment from leading manufacturers to support our customers’ projects worldwide."
Maverick Piccininni, iXblue’s, Regional Sales Manager, said: “It is great to see the ongoing support and investment from Ashtead Technology which is testimony to our long-term partnership. It also demonstrates Ashtead Technology's commitment to leading-edge technology and innovative solutions that bring robust performance, safety, reliability and differentiation to their customers".
According to the company, so far this year, Ashtead Technology has invested £8million in new subsea equipment and technology to expand its extensive equipment rental fleet. The company has also increased its workforce by 36 taking employee headcount to 206.
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