Emerge Gallery hosting two holiday events to support artists – WNCT

(Emerge Gallery and Art Center photo via WNCT Community Calendar)
GREENVILLE, N.C (WNCT) – It is a busy holiday season at the Pitt County Arts Council Emerge Gallery.
This week, the art gallery will be hosting two events. Emerge will host its Holiday Mug Sale as well as the Holiday Artist Market.  
During the Holiday Mug Sale, selected artists will have mugs featured and sold during the month of December. It runs through Dec. 18.
The second event is the Holiday Artist Market. At the event, people will be able to sell and buy homemade fine arts and crafts. The gallery is set up in a booth style with each booth featuring one artist or business. It also runs through Dec. 18.
Sarah Lazure, who is the marketing and exhibits coordinator, said their goal of both events is to finically support community artists.  
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