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Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system has been out for less than two months. The operating system is running on millions of devices, and it is clear that some of the users who run these devices have opinions on the new operating system.Windows 11 start menu with three rows of pinned iconsOne of the locations to check for feedback is the official Feedback Hub. Users may give feedback to Microsoft, other users may vote for the suggestions, and it happens that Microsoft responds to the requests from time to time as well.
Neowin parsed the Feedback Hub to create a top 10 list of Windows 11 user requests. Here is the full listing sorted by votes:
Most requests want the restoration of features that Microsoft removed from Windows 11. The vast majority covers taskbar-related changes: six of the ten requests with the most upvotes ask for taskbar-related changes.
Microsoft did remove several options from the Windows 11 taskbar, including the ability to place it at the top or sides of the screen, drag & drop support, or the option to right-click to open the Task Manager.
At least one option, the ability to change the icon size to small, is still available, but only through Registry edits or the use of third-party apps, and not directly
Two requests are Start Menu related. The first asks Microsoft to restore the option to create groups and folders of pinned items on the Start Menu, the second to get rid of the Recommended section entirely.
Two entries ask Microsoft to remove the TPM requirement of Windows 11 and add an option to turn off the news feature of the Widgets app.
Microsoft responded to some of the requests, but only one, the ability to display date and time on a secondary display, has found its way into a developer channel build. It looks as if the majority of requests won’t be reimplemented by Microsoft.
Now You: do you agree with the requests? Have any requests of your own to add?
…a file association function which pleases administrators and advanced users alike…
Win 11 never launched, it’s been in perpetual beta all this time.
Win 11 gutted the taskbar and context menus, making it a joke for all but the most casual users or fanboys.
Slower, buggier, less secure, less productive, less private, etc. the only thing there’s more of? Ads and unwanted features, of course.
Yet the MS bootlickers will bare their fangs at anyone calling out this joke of an OS.
task manager and ability to create a toolbar based off a folder my biggest issues.
I use open shell which works well on 11 and honestly…11 (even hacked to bypass tpm/secure boot) runs smoother than any version of 10 did on this pc.
with open shell skinned to look like win 7 I like 11 as much as I did 7.
You can start Taskmanager right-clickin the Start button
Here unable to associate *.MKV files with Potplayer, neither unable to associate *.PNG files with Arfanview. I don’t understand why. There is no option to enable those files to be “default opened” with those two programs because *.MKV and *.PNG (and more others file extensions) don’t appear in the default app configuration (marked as grey, option disabled by default). :[
You need to associate all videofiles in PotPlayer setting first, then it shows up there in that windows built in list. Same thing with other programs, don’t use the windows thing before you have used the programs own association functions.
Is it possible to do #5 with a registry hack or 3rd party tool? That one alone would be enough to keep me away from Win11.
StartAllBack lets you have a Windows 10-like taskbar. I have your same preference problem and that’s how I fixed it.
Remove all new features and roll back to Windows 7 … or XP … or 95. Heck, why not take it all the way back to Windows 3. I liked that version.
OK internet, stop already. If you know enough to complain (and I agree, this taskbar is unbelievable bad) you know enough to just install windows 10. Is the ONE reason to 11? Rounded corners?
And stop crying. Microsoft IS NOT LISTENING, and they are not listening for almost 10 years already, how much more proof do you need?! Stop being a baby! It is what it is, live with it or you will complain for the rest of your live!
Dot get my wrong, I love complaining (here I am!). But I learned to stop complaining about the rain when I was a kid…
I consider the TPM requirement a feature.
All I have to do to not be nagged about “upgrading” to Windows 11, is not enabling it on my PC.
Windows 11 is the new Windows 8. Horrible mess and useless.
I still don’t understand the whole Win 11 thing. This is as good a guess as any:
Wow, they must have gotten this list from windows fanboys and m$ shills. They are all minor annoyances compared with the the bastardization of control panel, the elimination of most granular choices and a slathered on steaming pile of spyware. All that’s left is a confusing, nebulous settings menu that allows only two choices, “COMPLY or COMPLY”, i.e. there is no opting out anymore. They bloated the registry, nerfed gpedit and turned the start menu into something a kindergartner would finger paint. Windows slow spin down the drain of becoming a cell phone OS is an abomination. In fact, I long for the day when I can dump my pirated, striped down firewalled copy of LTSC and game fully on linux.
My List.
1. Remove windows 11 completely.
If I can’t have that.
2. Get rid of all telemetry
3. Get rid of all constant activity that thrashes my SSDs.
4. Get rid of Store, Microsoft Accounts and Web Search
5. Get rid of all advertising (although, I’ve never seen a single ad on Windows 10).
6. Get Rid of Edge and allow ALL bloatware to be removed and stay removed.
plus all the others mentioned above.
As was said, W11 is not yet reached release readiness. It’s still a beta OS.
Win 10-11 event logging definitely degrades SSDs for little or no benefit to the user. The worst offender is C:WindowsSystem32winevtLogsApplication.evtx. At least on my install.
Easy to disable Application.evtx as an admin user. Unlock the file from the event log service (use a 3rd party unlocker program via context menu), edit it and delete all data, save, close, then open properties and mark as read only. Much less SSD thrashing and your hardware will live longer.
Also works with other annoying event logs like NVIDIA logs.
The degrading effects of W11 logging are nearly none on SSD.
Start11 is actually very good. I gladly paid for it after using it for a while. Microsoft will never ever do what Start11 does. So, if you want a good taskbar/startmenu, buy Start11. StartAllBack is not as good as this thing. Of course, if paying for things isn’t an what you must, nothing is impossible in the digital world. Still, Microsoft will never do what you want.
Buy nothing from Stardock. They dont deserve any patronage. Just the fact you need to pay again for the same app because they wont fix bugs in existing versions and new releases you need to pay again…
And always bugs, never seen any app that isn’t buggy
Boycott Stardock
I agree..i made a rant on their forums..they didn’t fix start10 problems and want to charge you for start11..either way i am not installing w11 so their loss again
That is hysterical. You want the new program for free, the new program that is not meant for the operating system your purchased program was for. Does it say somewhere in Stardocks contracts: “if you buy a program you get all programs for free, forever” Get real man. Do other companies stay in business like that too? Buy a new car this year and next year you get the new model for free? Like I mentioned earlier, I have tested Start11 and it works WONDERFULLY on my Windows 11 system. Wanna hear about bugs? They are all Windows 11 bugs. For like 15 bucks you get 5 Start11 licenses, but I guess that’s outrageous for some people who feel they should get everything for free, and lose their s**t on forums if they don’t. Sad, sad little person..
And hey, before you start calling me a Stardock employee..I am a THIEF, for 20 years I have used nothing but stolen cracked software, and proudly so. I don’t CARE if companies go out of business because of dicks like myself. If they make software easy to crack, then boohoo go cry to your momma. And still, I gladly pay for Start11, because it’s cheap and goddamn useful on my computers. Who knew.
I have a request. please fix Windows 10 bugs that are unfixed since release.
Regarding request 8, no please dont, keep the TPM requirement so I can just sit back and don nothing and not get pestered about or forced to upgrade to Winblows 11
Still waiting for Windows 12 (no I’m not). Then Windows 13 (just for good luck).
So, the only thing that the MS fanboys have left is “suck it up.” LOL For the Christmas shopping season, my local Target store replaced the Windows laptop aisle with a fresh, long lineup of Chromebooks, relegating Windows laptops & Surfaces to a 3-laptop display in the back corner of electronics. The average consumer doesn’t even know that Microsoft still exists…Windows is dead, you just don’t know it yet.

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