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The Build-A-Bear Workshop has revealed two new bears inspired by WandaVision, with each bear being dressed in the couple’s Halloween outfits.
The Build-A-Bear Workshop has revealed two new bears inspired by WandaVision, with each bear being dressed in the couple’s Halloween outfits. WandaVision debuted in January 2021 starring Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn, Teyonnah Parris, Randall Park, and Kat Dennings. The Disney+ series was nominated for multiple awards, including 21 Emmy’s, of which it won 3.
Episode 6 of WandaVision, “On a Very Special Episode…“, was one of the most anticipated episodes of the limited Disney+ series. Taking place on a Halloween night inside Wanda’s (Olsen) twisted Westview fantasy inspired by early 2000s sitcoms such as Malcolm in the Middle, the episode was heavily featured in early promotional material. The homemade comic-inspired Halloween costumes Wanda and Vision (Bettany) don were featured as early as the series’ first glimpse in a 2020 SuperBowl TV Spot, and have since been featured in merchandise such as Funko Pops and high-quality statues from Iron Studios. Now The Build-a-Bear Workshop has become the latest company to offer fans an opportunity to own merchandise of these fan-favorite outfits.
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As reported by Bleeding Cool, The Build-a-Bear Workshop, the Online Exclusive Wanda Maximoff Inspired bear and Online Exclusive Vision Inspired Bear are currently available for $35.00 each. Each bear is dressed in Wanda and Vision’s comic-inspired “Sokovian Fortune Teller” and “Mexican Wrestler” Halloween outfits. The bears also feature a patch depicting the original characters in their Halloween outfits on their left feet, while their right paws feature the Build-a-Bear logo. Aimed at fans and collectors, the bears are sold separately and cannot be purchased. Check out images of each bear below.
The WandaVision-inspired bears are the latest releases from the Build-A-Bear Workshop to be inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A Black Widow-inspired bear was released to celebrate the release of Black Widow, complete with Natasha Romanoff’s (Scarlett Johansson) red hair, Black Widow uniform, and stun batons. Build-a-Bear has also recently released bears inspired by The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and Beetlejuice for fans and collectors.
This pair of WandaVision-inspired bears are sure to be a perfect gift for any Marvel fans. Taking inspiration from one of the series’ most iconic elements, each pair perfectly captures the character’s costume in an adorable way. Though they’re sold separately, it’s impossible to imagine that many fans would purchase one without picking up the other, with the characters being one of the MCU’s most iconic but tragic couples.
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Source: Bleeding Cool
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