DISH TV drops NESN from their service in scathing press release – Stanley Cup of Chowder

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It…might be a little harder for certain fans to enjoy Bruins games.
The Regional Sports Network feels like it’s becoming increasingly difficult to access, what with cable being abandoned in record numbers and streaming services becoming all the rage. And it appears it’s finally started to become a major sticking point between some companies.
Dish TV, a satellite TV provider, announced in a press release that it will no longer carry NESN in the NE area as described in a press release that was very, very, very not happy with the Boston Bruins’ home on tv.
In a scathing press release, DISH TV announces it has removed NESN from its service.
Just got this in my inbox. It’s a release from DISH TV about the removal of NESN from its channel lineup in the six New England states.

This statement from DISH’s president is pretty telling about how cable, satellite and streaming providers feel about regional sports networks.
Punctuated bits for Emphasis:
“The Current Regional Sports Network (RSN) model is fundamentally broken” Said Bryan Neylon, Group President, DISH TV. “This model requires a customer to pay for RSNs when only a small percentage of customers actually watch them. As the cost of these channels continue to escalate and a la carte viewing options become ever more accessible, we no longer think it makes sense to include them in our Television Lineup.”
Naturally, one could make it clear that part of the problem with Premium Cable/Satellite of any kind is that you get a shitzillion channels and maybe watch ten of them, but given the way NESN appears to have played hardball with the providers, and as it turns out the providers are quite fed up with trying to deal with NESN’s approach. They have left their door open to maybe re-negotiate with NESN in the future, but it would require probably some serious concessions on NESN’s part.
Who knows, maybe they just wanted the ticker to go away and are playing hardball.
In the meantime, If you have Dish, I would highly recommend you find…er…”alternatives” to Dish network in order to watch the B’s. I will let you figure that out on your own.