Mercedes Vision EQXX launch: How to watch the unveiling of the super-efficient electric Mercedes live – Pocket-lint

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(Pocket-lint) – Mercedes-Benz promised that it would be unveiling the Vision EQXX, a new prototype that will be the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever.
And why does efficiency matter? Because as we move into a post-combustion era, getting the most out of your battery power is becoming increasingly important.
The Vision EQXX is promising over 1000km of range.
Mercedes-Benz will be unveiling the Vision EQXX as a highlight of CES 2022. The online event will take place 3 January 2022 at 6pm CET. Here are the local times, globally:
You will be able to watch the unveiling of the Vision EQXX as Mercedes-Benz will be hosting a liststream. It will be available through various channels, but we have embedded it below for you to watch.
The Vision EQXX is being billed as the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever, promising 1000km range – or 620 miles – and getting 6 miles per kWh from the battery. 
That’s a greater efficiency than you’ll get from current electric cars, which might stretch as high as 5 miles per kWh – and the better efficiency, the greater the range for any given battery size. Naturally, being more efficient, means you can reduce the size and weight of the battery – bringing down the overall cost – although as Mercedes is in the luxury tier of cars, that’s unlikely to be the primary concern. 
The aim of the Vision EQXX is to outline a route to the future where electric cars can have a range the rivals the big diesels, many of which will give you 600 miles of range or more when driving at highway speeds, which is where electric cars are at their weakest endurance wise. 
The Vision EQXX will aim to outline Mercedes-Benz’s leadership in electric cars and demonstrate technologies that will influence the roll-out of further electric models from the marque.