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The URBN Technology Distribution Center Support Analyst position is responsible for the day-to-day support of all technology systems within the Distribution Center (DC) and other desktop/printer/RF support.  This position will be responsible for prioritizing work efforts with all Technology teams in support of the local distribution center environment. This position will be the main URBN Technology point of contact for all priority incidents within the Nuuly facility located in Levittown, PA.
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Levittown, PA
What is the internal culture like at URBN?
It’s all about communication and collaboration. There are no silos, no corporate hierarchy. Execs here are normal people who know everyone’s names.  
Everything feels very open; open minded, open offices without many doors, open to dogs (on-leash, except at the dog park). And there’s no dress code. You’re encouraged to express yourself through your clothing and be comfortable.
What’s great about URBN is that it has the stability of a corporate company with a startup mentality. There’s room to play with ideas, try things out. If they don’t work, the team can try again. There’s a lot of opportunity for creativity.
Tell us a little bit about the perks of working on the URBN campus.
It’s such a creative company that even if you’re in accounting, there are plenty of opportunities to benefit from the creativity.
Here are a handful of the perks available at URBN:
          ● Fitness and financial wellness opportunities
          ● Alterations and dry cleaning done on campus
          ● A company newsletter featuring behind the scenes content, pet profiles, people’s side hustles and more
          ● Mobile Vet Service 
          ● Discounts at the Franklin Institute
          ● 6 free sessions with a nutritionist
          ● Discounted classes at the Fleisher Art Museum
Describe a day in the life of a technologist (or three) at URBN HQ.
Yen Duong, Software Engineer at URBN: One of the best things is that most of us are customers of the brands we work on. As a user of my product, it’s easy to understand the feedback we get from customers and the problems we need to solve.
No day is the same. We deploy new code every week. There are always new challenges and we’re allowed to research and introduce new technologies.
Carolina Fojo, UX Research Manager at URBN: Research is such a strategic place to be at URBN. We’re constantly thinking about our customers and the growth opportunities. There’s no end in sight when you’re dealing with millions of customers. The opportunities are endless, which is really exciting.
Than Hedman, Software Engineering Manager for Services and Streams at Nuuly: It’s a collaborative effort between tech and fashion. We talk to everyone from customer service to warehouse buyers to stylists about what the platform needs to do. I work on facilitating that conversation. 
It’s so cool to be around people who are passionate about things like packing design and logistics.
What do you look for in job candidates?
The hiring process is a little different for each brand and department.
We don’t expect technologists to know all of our brands inside and out. What we really want to see is your coding experience, your passion for new ecommerce technology and the ideas you have to move us forward. We love to hear suggestions. 
Interviews for tech-based jobs will always be project-based. We’ll ask you to do some coding challenges and want to see your GitHub page.
We also want to see what you can add within our laid back, yet entrepreneurial culture. We look for good communicators who can interface with all of our brands and who are passionate about what they’re doing.
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