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Very nice addition!
That Zagreb schedule is a bit horrible.
Hmm yes the red eye flight and arrival at 4 in the morning isn't the most pleasant of experiences.
True. Ljubljana schedule is quite good though.
Pity it's just once per week. But hopefully these new routes work and they stick around.
So demand from LED to ZAG and LJU seems to be equal.
Yes but there were also people flying nonstop on OU's ZAG-LED flight.
Wonder what the fares will be like
Knowing Russian airlines, probably not cheap.
It's a full fare airline?
Obviously if they have business class
Anyone flown with them? I'm really interested to know what their service is like and do what their cabins look like
Also, do they have a dedicated business class cabin?
It all depends which plane you get. They have blue leather seats and they do have a proper business class.
Interesting. I can't find too many pics online.
Yes even Sukhoi has proper business class. 2×2 seating compared to 3×2 in economy.
Most Russian airlines have a good and competitive on board product which puts most European airline to shame.
Let's hope these actually materialize. When it comes to Russian airlines you are never sure.
When it comes to any airline at the moment, new routes are all unsure.
Bravo Hrvatska!
Interesting that their A320 and SSJ have the same number of seats in business class, 12.
I guess because they use them a lot on domestic routes inside Russia where there is a lot of demand for business class.
That was unexpected.
They better start selling those tickets ASAP if they want to have decent loads.
They are probably already selling and working with Russian tour operators.
Same was said about Azur
Well same was said about Nordwind too and they are still flying to Zagreb.
They are the world's largest Sukhoi operator!
Because the Russian government has forced on them to become essentially an SSJ operator.
They have a nice collection of other planes including B747 and B777 ๐Ÿ™‚
btw they have 65 Sukois in service and another 33 on order.
They are the largest Sukhoi operator because Aeroflot is transferring all its SSJs to them.
About time there flights from St Petersburg to Zagreb and Ljubljana.
for that we will have to wait a bit, I have a feeling that much longer than till 22 of January…
Really good to see more and more new routes being announced across the region.
Seems like airlines are optimistic about next year and that this might be the last Covid wave.
Keep them coming!
Ah nice to see the Sukhoi back in Ljubljana ๐Ÿ™‚
What equipment does Aeroflot use to Ljubljana now?
So there will be 4 different Russian airlines flying to Zagreb!
Aeroflot, Rossiya, Nordwind and S7 Airlines.
Yet Croatia Airlines hasn't given the Russian market any consideration. Not even when half of its European markets are closed or in lockdown.
It is the great BCG strategy of doing nothing.
Impressive. Unfortunately I don't think all of them will stay around once Sputnik is accepted by WHO.
^ That won't happen any time soon by the looks of it.
@9.19 expecting Croatia Airlines to react to any market conditions is to be expected. They only react when they have to cut flights or decrease frequencies.
Plus Azur Air will have a couple of charters to Zagreb in the next week.
Good luck with the new routes. Really hope they work.
I also hope they work but most importantly I hope they are kept after the vaccine craze.
Is it easy for Russians to get visa to visit Slovenia?
I like their crew uniforms ๐Ÿ™‚ look very stylish
Looks similar to Aeroflot.
That livery on the other hand…
Looks fine to me
Some positive news when most airlines are cutting flights.
Russian airlines in general seem to be booming.
Would be nicer if the flights were operated by Aeroflot mainline.
What difference does it make, honestly?
What's with Russian airlines and one weekly flight frequencies?
It's Russia's anti Covid policy. They are limiting flights to all countries.
I'm surprised Nordiwnd wasn't the one to start these flights.
I believe Nordwind's strategy of opening random routes has kind of had an impact now. They have recently reduced and discontinued a lot of routes. Although none in the region are impacted.
I'm happy it's a different airline.

Not too sure how far back you consider as recent, but they have canceled ROV-BEG.
They have also cancelled their Skopje flights.
Let's see if these ever launch and if how long they last.
Makes sense
Good to see both ZAG and LJU included.
Rossiya operated a couple of charters to Zagreb during the world cup in 2018. With the B777 ๐Ÿ˜€
They have also sent the B747 to Dubrovnik as well.
They have over 120 planes! :O
They are the largest airline at LED.
Seems like Russian airlines have discovered Zagreb.
Love it!
LJU is on its way to recovery
A very slow one but at least something.
Are you serious? With that one flight per week?
I'm speaking in general with all the announced flights for next few months. And in the era of covid with so few frequencies in general even a one weekly flight counts.
Of course it counts, but thats far away from recovery.
Them Russian airlines beginning flights to the Balkans on Fridays is obviously becoming something new. For instance Ural launching ZIA-SOF next week. We also witnessed Nordwind from LED-SKP. I think it's got to do with the Russian government by trying to promote the Balkans and connecting them with Russia.
This is good news. Ljubljana needs all the airlines it can get!
Does Rossiya allow for connections via St Petersburg?
Of course
This would be great
There is strong demands at the moment. Aeroglot is sending A330 to ZAG and LJU during the holidays.
Wow? Really? What days the A330 will be in LJU?
one more addition for winter 2021-2022 ๐Ÿ™‚ nice
Samara, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar or Sochi would be nice additions.
How about Moscow-Maribor?
Let's first get these St Petersburg flights going.
The list of airline serving Ljubljana is actually becoming quite good
at least what new CEO is saying is true … lets see what else they bring for SS22.
I wish them success
@ex-yu aviation
The article says : "as a result, both cities are set to see their first scheduled nonstop service to St. Petersbug". This is not true. Both cities had scheduled nonstop flights to St. Petersbug. Croatia operated twice weekly A319 only few years ago from ZAG. And some thirty, fourty ears ago, JAT operated seasonal one weekly from LJU using leased Aviogenex TU134
Price from Ljubljana to St Petersburg is 260€ return (you can buy them on Aeroflot website not on Rossiya). Same days Lufthansa is 150€ . travel time is 3 hours vs. Lufthansa 5h 20m.
Well roughly 100 euros might be more worth it for nonstop flight. Does it include baggage on both?
only hand luggage for both flights.
Fantastic! And tickets are now on sale
This is just fantastic news.
At least Slovenia accepts the Sputnik vaccine.
That most european countries boycott the vaccine because it is from Russia only proofs that politics is not at all interested in the wellbeing of the people, just in their dirty shemes.
Yeah, and Slovenia is a proof how the pandemic should be handled. Right?
At least they dont boycott vaccines!

well the pandemic is handled pretty well in Slovenia. The only thing I think they miss is a little stricter restrictions.
Slovenia is handling the pandemic in a terrible way.
From mid September 2021 till now in the worse top 12 for covid in all Europe (nearly 50 countries).
Sputnik is recognised only because Hungary have it (mutual recognition).
No Sputnik, no any classic vaccine recognised by WHO available in Slovenia till now.
Vaccination campaign just finished with only 2 mRNA vaccines. Go figure!
Even Equador is better offering 5 vaccines including Sputnik and a classical vaccine among them.
Slovenia: no masks worn outside and nearly zero bills for breaking the prevention rules.
In one word: terrible!
Not to count the worse: hundreds of millions of euro paid in bonuses to workers in public sector not working from home (burocrats in office, doctors, policeman, forestry workers, bank employers, post office workers …) working already during covid, without stopped income by covid. Getting all this for months and months till mid June 2021. 35, 65 and 100 percent bonus pay every single month for everyone. No tax No country in EU did it: such a shame and additional big debit for a poorly managed country!
Misuse of money, according to EU policy but who cares Slovenians will pay it back alone.

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EX-YU Aviation News does not tolerate insults, excessive swearing, racist, homophobic or any other chauvinist remarks or provocative posts with the intention of creating further arguments. A full list of comment guidelines can be found here. Thank you for your cooperation.