Trend sport chess: Why the chess app plays so well – Market Research Telecast

December 25, 2021

Table of Contents

Trend sport chess: Why the chess app plays so well

Implementation in the chess program

Rules of movement

Evaluation function

Find all trains

Find the best move

If you want to learn chess, you have the choice whether you want to play the classic way on the board or use a chess app. But: How is it that an app can do so well what we rack our brains about? Even without the use of artificial intelligence, many programs are superior to us – at least most of us.
In the following, we offer chess beginners an orientation for the game or refresh their knowledge of chess. But above all we show how chess programs implement the game technically, generate the possible moves and select the best in each case. It gets hardware-related and algorithms-heavy – but maybe with the knowledge in mind it is less frustrating when the app wins again …
Chess is played on a board with 8 by 8, i.e. 64 fields. The fields are colored alternately white and black. The two players sit opposite each other. The game board lies between them in such a way that there is a white square on the far right. Each player has 16 pawns – one has the white, the other the black.

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