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By Dallas Henderson
Food safety should always be the top priority for food businesses, but the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our industry some major curveballs, creating new challenges around safety efforts.  
First, the pandemic has resulted in a whole new set of safety protocols, with businesses implementing more stringent cleaning and sanitation practices, from more frequent handwashing to regular sanitation of high-touch areas. Additionally, businesses must adhere to social distancing guidelines, capacity restrictions, masking mandates, and employee temperature checks. As we’ve seen since last March, COVID-19 guidelines have been ever-evolving, so teams must stay updated on the latest recommendations. 
Another huge challenge is the staffing shortage that our industry is facing. Many people left their food industry jobs, as restaurants and other businesses closed or operated at reduced capacity. Others left because of childcare issues or because of fears of contracting COVID. And now, food businesses are scrambling to attract, recruit, and hire new employees. As a result, business leaders are experiencing unprecedented chaos and stress. 
Tech tools are essential to boost safety efforts, and will help with the following:  
With the tricky combination of reduced staff, new COVID-19 regulations, and demand for transparent safety practices, food businesses need tech tools to align all employees around food safety standards and maximize compliance. Any tools that provide consistency and quality assurance will significantly benefit operations teams, who are looking for solutions to enforce and ensure safety standards. Digital quality management toolsets are the smartest investment businesses can make right now to maximize the health and safety of their organizations, employees, and customers.
About the author: Dallas Henderson, a 25-year veteran of the service industry, is an account manager at RizePoint. With 20 years in upper-level operations management for a variety of multi-national food, beverage, and entertainment locations, he has opened and run locations in Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and other cities around the U.S. If you wish to discuss RizePoint’s solutions, please contact Dallas at [email protected].
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