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Today’s guest columnists are Lauren Sexton, founder and CEO of the health technology company SafeSite, and Aaron Earls, a SafeSite senior advisor.
As we look to 2022, omicron is a cautionary reminder that COVID-19 is a constantly evolving pandemic, and one that will likely continue for the foreseeable future as new variants emerge. The question for businesses and consumers is this: How do we get back to pre-pandemic “normalcy” of safely enjoying indoor public events such as sports events, concerts or eating out at restaurants? What solutions need to be in place to do so effectively and efficiently?
Through providing COVID-19 health management services since the beginning of the pandemic, we have learned that people are craving social experiences, but they want to be safe while doing so. A recent story in The Wall Street Journal pointed out that no-shows among concert ticket buyers are up 20%, and at least some of those staying home are concerned they might contract the virus and spread it to vulnerable loved ones. Implementing COVID-19 health checks (i.e., checking one’s vaccination and/or testing status) prior to entry helps keep sites safe, and, until now, it has been laborious and costly for businesses and consumers. As a result, this often-manual process created a disincentive for governments to require COVID-19 health checks and for businesses to implement a policy unless they were required to do so.

With the emergence of new variants and an evolving social understanding around pandemics, it has become apparent that businesses should adopt health checks in 2022 to offer their customers safer indoor experiences, since new technology now makes health checks fast, affordable, effective and safe. Below we provide a road map for how businesses, from large stadiums to local restaurants, can efficiently manage health checks using new technology solutions.
Thankfully, technological advancements now provide a win-win solution for consumers and businesses that enable groups and companies to intelligently and efficiently deliver consumers’ safe on-site experiences. Solutions exist to ensure we can all get back to safely having the in-person indoor experiences that we all love.

Prior to founding SafeSite, Sexton was COO of Medical Nutrition Network in Los Angeles. Earls is a marketing, communications and sales executive with more than 20 years of experience working with major brands.

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