Prescription eye drops treat age-related blurry near vision – WGAL Susquehanna Valley Pa.

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It happens to almost everyone: Blurry near vision as we age. There is now a prescription eye drop to treat the common condition.
Like most people over the age of 40, Kirstie Durr has to rely on reading glasses to see just about anything close up.
“I’m constantly digging for glasses, and it just becomes a pain,” she said.
The condition, known as presbyopia, progresses with age.
“Presbyopia is affecting the focusing lens. The lens actually becomes less malleable. It doesn’t want to flex and bend from the muscles that control it,” said Dr. Leslie O’Dell, of Medical Optometry America in York County.
A prescription eye drop called Vuity promises to temporarily correct the condition.
The drug pilocarpine been around 40 years to treat glaucoma, but the Food and Drug Administration has now approved it for presbyopia.
“It’s shrinking the pupil size by about 40%, and that gives the patient this pinhole effect. It increases their depth of focus,” O’Dell said.
O’Dell deemed Durr, who is 51, a good candidate for Vuity. She put one drop in each eye, and she could ditch the readers after 15 minutes.
“It’s amazing. I don’t have to dig for my glasses, and I can read my email and I can even now – which I could never before – read text messages on my watch. It’s incredible,” Durr said.
The new view lasts anywhere from six to eight hours. A 30-day supply of Vuity costs $80. It’s not covered by insurance, since it’s considered not medically necessary.
Vuity is not a cure-all. The company that makes it cautions against using it when driving at night or doing activities in low light conditions. The eye drops can also cause headaches and redness of the eyes.
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