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The Windows 11 taskbar spans from the left side of the screen to the right side by default. Microsoft changed the default alignment to center on Windows 11, but removed several options from the Windows 11 taskbar in the 11 taskbar transparency effectEven basic tasks that were not removed entirely, such as the changing of the size of the taskbar, are not straightforward anymore on Windows 11 devices. Third-party software comes to the rescue; programs like Taskbar 11, RoundedTB, or Start11 reintroduce functionality, such as moving the taskbar to the top, that Microsoft removed or made difficult to change by default.
Windows 11 users who want to make the taskbar transparent on their devices can do so as well. The operating system includes an option to apply a transparency effect to windows and the taskbar, but it is not a 100% transparency effect. Note also that you can’t change these settings if Windows 11 is not activated.
Here is how you control it:
Third-party software is needed to make the taskbar fully transparent on Windows 11.window 11 taskbar transparentDownload the latest version of the open source application TranslucentTB from the GitHub repository. I reviewed the program back in 2017. Download the TransluscentTB.appinstaller file from the repository and run it to install the application on the device.
The app adds an icon to the system tray area when it is run. Right-click on the icon and select Desktop > Clear to get a fully transparent taskbar. The application supports other taskbar states; play around with those to find the one that works best for your. Colors can be customized for each state, except for the normal state.
Tip: you may also try the successor of Classic Shell, Open Shell. Back when Windows 10 was released, I published a guide on making the Windows 10 taskbar transparent using Classic Shell.
The Windows 11 taskbar lacks several options, some of which were supported on previous versions of Windows, others were never supported natively but only by third-party tools.
Thanks @Martin, really I can’t explain to myself why third party software is better than the OS shell itself. Tons of hacks, tons of enhancements, tons of useful things and meanwhile the MS team is looking four steps backward to nowhere, destroying taskbar functionality, destroying SSD speed, asking for silly hardware requirements and so forth. It seems that they only have started the insider’s channel only to get a good laugh after the coffee break. Silly times for intelligence. :[
I have spent the whole sunday’s morning time wachting Youtube videos about how to destroy W11 with old and new viruses. I have got a lot of fun, waiting for the new promised W11 taskbar. LOL. :[
@John G.
Sounds like you have no life…. I mean, you think you are smart and cool doing what you do.
Do you really use Windows because of its UI, or because you can launch pretty much any relevant program available today (especially professional one that will make you money)?
I use it for the latter so who cares about windows 11 and how it looks? I mean, if you really cared, you would be using Windows 10 anyway, not 11, seems like you are using 11 just to cry and pretend you are the cool person “destroying” I don’t know what.
I mean, it is only start menu, you can easily close explorer.exe and use your computer without any taksbar or anything… but nah, you watch youtube videos hahahahahaha.
Yeah, let me get a OS just to look at the taskbar and not just launch programs, which is what Windows really is, it can look whatever it wants, as long as it can use any software I need without any hacks and dumb crap like with other software, then why would I care?
“Microfost distroy taskbur fanctionality” “tird parti suftware” HAHA, pathetic. If you were what you believe what you are, you wouldn’t even need 3rd party software or you wouldn’t be caring about dumb 3rd party software to make some stupid taskbar looks like making it transparent, becuase you wouldn’t even care what the taskbar looks like, or you wouldn’t even care about windows 11. Do you even run real programs? or just stare at Windows taskbar all day complaining about it? what about running programs? do you ever do that… or you feel cool watching youtube videos?
lol these comment(er)s.

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