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Few days ago, at the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Greater Bay Area Science Forum, several Nobelists and well-known academicians and experts attended and delivered keynote speeches. Reporters learned that this forum gathered the world’s top experts and scholars in the field, among them, the 1993 Nobelists of biology and medicine, the Science Alliance chairman Richard John Roberts appeared in the form of a holographic projection on the Intel Developer Forum, make a deep impression on everyone.
At the forum, Richard talked about recent events around the world and how biotechnology can really help humanity. He said that the novel Coronavirus detection method and vaccine development are largely attributed to the novel Coronavirus gene sequencing results first released by Chinese researchers in 2020. This is an excellent example of helping the world through scientific exchanges and cooperation, and a good example of how China gained and shared its fruits with the world in the early days of COVID-19.
According to the site staff, the hologram technology was applied in the opening ceremony of the virtual guest speech, bringing the participants “beyond time and space” magical feeling. Richard’s appearance is the use of hologram technology, a VR/AR black technology, the audience can through holographic projection, immersive experience by machine algorithm superimposed magical virtual world. Holographic projection technology, also known as virtual imaging technology, is the use of interference and diffraction principles to record and reproduce the real three-dimensional image of the object technology. The action details of real people are highly restored in the virtual world through the depiction of real people, accurate facial reconstruction and expression transfer.
Holographic projection technology is not a new word in the pictures of science fiction movies, and is almost the standard technology in all Hollywood science fiction movies. Holographic projection conference is an application of holographic projection technology in business industry. Meeting with the combination of the holographic technology, not only reconstruct the media ecology, also create the multidimensional interaction scenarios, comprehensive use of data and algorithm simulation reality, fast and efficient synthetic simulation model characters, let it have its own voice, facial expression, action, etc., the seamless switching, virtual and reality shows a future scenario of medium holographic live, It also makes guests feel like they are in a science fiction movie.
In fact, the advantages of holographic projection technology in conference activities are obvious: 1. Enhance the interest of participants. Through holographic innovative expression, it can play a good publicity role in the early stage of conference activities, and is more conducive to improving the interest of participants. 2. Focus on the audience. The traditional conference speech is boring, the speaker’s speech for the audience is just like “monk chanting”, unable to concentrate, through holographic technology can focus on the audience eyeballs, to achieve the effect of the conference forum. Solve the problem of space and time. Through the remote holographic real-time stereoscopic 3D display technology, it can solve the problem that experts can not attend the conference due to special circumstances, just like attending the scene, which plays a very real and shocking role.
At present, with the help of “5G + hologram “technology, information transmission breaks the time and space limit, users can switch scenes they want and have” face to face “conversations with people anywhere in the world and at any distance. With the arrival of THE 5G era, such holographic meeting experience beyond time and space is not only becoming more and more familiar to people, but also gradually becoming the standard configuration of ‘Cloud summit meeting’. This is because of the gigabit ultra-high bandwidth of 5G network, which can achieve data rates as high as Gbit/s, delay as low as millisecond, and connection capacity of millions per square kilometer, breaking the network environment with extremely fast distance limitation and extremely short network delay, clearing the application obstacles in data transmission.
5G network can not only greatly optimize the communication experience of people, but also solve the communication problems of people and things, and things and things. The application of THE 4G era has expanded from individual to industry and individual. For example, 5G holographic conferencing and telecommuting can improve work efficiency and enhance multi-place collaboration. 5G VR/AR live courses, holographic classes and other applications provide more convenient education opportunities and more intuitive learning experience; 5G AR live shopping, smart home, intelligent service robots and other applications provide more convenient and diverse lifestyles; 5G cloud games, cloud concerts, 4K/8K live interactive and other applications provide more immersive and richer forms of entertainment. 5G will drive innovation and development in various fields, give birth to many new models and ecosystems, and empower all industries.
5G+ holographic system is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more enterprises are joining the race. So far, not only Google, Microsoft and other technology giants are in in-depth research, the domestic holographic 5G communication leader WiMi is also constantly optimizing the existing realistic experience, expand the implementation of new holographic scenes. It is reported that WiMi is a well-known holographic technology company, established for several years, after a few years to complete the listing in the United States, stock code WIMI. Wimi with holographic AR as the technical backing, inherit “international gene, Chinese creativity”, the combination of Chinese and foreign, with the most cutting-edge technology and fashion, combined with the user’s unconstrained imagination, show the real scene of the creative space program.
Under the concerted efforts of all parties, 5G application is gradually stepping from the industry into the public’s vision and life, WiMi and 5G have also been deeply integrated. WiMi has advanced technical team and mature material production team, platform application scenarios will be based on its 5G+AR technology support application. For example, 5G+AR virtual classroom application provides more convenient education opportunities and easier learning experience. There are 5G+AR e-commerce shopping, 5G+AR tourism, 5G+ cloud concert and other applications to provide more immersive and diversified entertainment. WiMi can also make traditional presentation sessions innovative by providing real-time collaborative augmented reality experiences. For example, 5G+ holographic conference, remote office and other applications, through 3D virtual image to promote the meeting to a new level, holographic 3D communication image using high-speed processing algorithm, so that participants can enter the virtual infinite meeting space at any time.
In these high-tech days, users are beginning to expect a way to meet someone from a distance, even if they are thousands of miles away, and can instantly be holographed next to them. WiMi consumers can enter the holographic social networking at any time, use AR holographic equipment to present, through AR glasses to see the holographic image of people in different places. Human exploration of future science and technology, just like the study of the universe, WiMi in this respect do better, can have better competitiveness.
To sum up, holographic conference system is a revolutionary journey for human beings to return to the THREE-DIMENSIONAL world. It will redefine the sensory experience of this era. With its popularization in commercial and consumer end, it can break through the space-time barrier and have a long conversation with the virtual images of relatives and friends from afar. In addition, WiMi will lead the new fashion of 5G holographic communication. At present, the team is building 5G holographic conference laboratory to provide enterprises with “holographic conference” solutions and achieve enterprise-level AR applications. It is believed that with the continuous iteration and optimization of software and hardware technologies, more convenient and realistic holographic meetings will soon come.
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