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Valereum is going to attempt an unusual move on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange that would make it the first to accept cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrencies can be an important business for some territories and depending on each country we are seeing the relationship they decide to have with this sector. There is a long way from the mistrust or the prohibition of countries like China and Russia to the option taken by El Salvador. Now Gibraltar also wants to be an important player.
Gibraltar wants to bet on cryptocurrencies and can be the first bag to accept them, something that would lead to other very innovative decisions due to the exceptional nature of the territory and where it is located.
The first thing that should be noted is that this small British territory does not have the permission of the FCA to take the step that has begun to be discussed, as reported in El Economista. Right now there is “a proposal that would drive the blockchain company Valereum to buy the Gibraltar Stock Exchange in 2022.”
You have accumulated some “savings”, and you want to dedicate them to investing. It is natural that the doubt arises: do I invest in stocks or in cryptocurrencies?
This purchase would affect 80% of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, an unusual move due to what this means for the territory, but above all because of the market in which Valereum works.
Valereum is a company that manages the exchange of all the most popular cryptocurrencies, from bitcoin to dogecoin or ethereum. He is exclusively dedicated to this business.
The sum of these factors in what has been called in Spain a tax haven until recently would lead to a good number of issues whose repercussions would be difficult to cover at this time. In any case, it is certain that it would serve to give cryptocurrencies more legitimacy.
In The Guardian they list all the problems the territory would face if it went ahead and how it could push UK regulators to take action, although this does not mean that they will.
There is an important difference between what Valereum raised and the laxity that has so far been used in regulation of cryptocurrencies. Although the same ban that has been seen with Binance in the UK may be an unflattering precedent. In any case, it is likely that we will soon have different official responses to clarify the situation.
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