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| Publication date 29 December 2021 | 15:09 ICT
Cambodia-China Friendship Preah Kossamak Hospital has partnered with Metfone to deploy the picture archiving communication system (PACS) – the medical imaging storage technology popular in the healthcare sector – during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
A leading telecommunications company, Metfone partnered with the Ministry of Health to provide digital services for the medical sector, with the aim of introducing new technology to improve the way medical imagery scanning is done in Cambodia.

PACS helps hospitals and clinics to store and share the images created by medical equipment, such as MRIs, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds.
The benefits:

For management team
Savings on cost of consumables: PACS replaces management facilities based on medical prints, reducing the cost of purchasing films and CDs every year. By not having to store medical films, medical facilities save warehouse and film storage space.
Remote access: Provides off-site viewing and reporting (remote diagnostics), it allows users in different physical locations to access the same information and remote images at the same time.
Modernise and improve the performance of the diagnostic imaging department according to the 4.0 technology trend, strengthen the management and monitoring capabilities in hospitals and clinics, as well as connections and increase cooperation.
Increasingly perfected professionalism in the operations process, helping to raise the brand name of the hospital and clinic.

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For doctors:
Intelligent and detailed patient management for each treatment, helping to diagnose and intervene earlier.
Access to 4.0 technologies in supporting disease diagnosis, based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, brings the most accurate results to patients.
Communication system shares images quickly and accurately, creating interactivity, helping doctors, hospitals and clinics in the diagnostic process.
Reduce legal costs due to loss of film, lack of professionalism with patients.
For patients:
Easy access to authorised records to review all imaging information and diagnostic results from doctors during examination and treatment.
Protection for all information about images, diagnostics are encrypted securely, ensuring data retrieval speed for image processing.
For better diagnostic work, images are acquired according to Dicom standards, sharp images, support simulation, rendering 3D images.
Reduce exposure to radiation from X-ray equipment due to less procedures to reimage.
With no waiting time to get printed film, the time for examination and diagnosis is shortened.
Eliminate inconvenience for patients carrying films or CDs of pictures when going to the hospital for examination and follow-up examinations.
Cambodia-China Friendship Preah Kossamak Hospital vice-director Dr Chan Sophors said the hospital was the first in the Kingdom to use PACS.

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“We have found the system to be user-friendly and very useful for training our new doctors at Cambodia-China Friendship Preah Kossamak Hospital.
“And in 2022, we plan to install more features of PACs in various departments so that they can benefit from the advancing imagery technology, and to safely store important medical reports, diagnoses and information from patients,” said Dr Sophors.
The new features make the system more user-friendly and reduce hospital operating costs dramatically, offering them increased support during a time of economic crisis.
With the AI function, when PACS is implemented at Cambodia-China Friendship Preah Kossamak Hospital in 2022 it will secure more accurate results in diagnosing patients.
The AI function reviews the files from thousands of previous scan results to detect details and generate a medical report that is more precise and faster. This system also has the most advanced medical technology in Cambodia.
In the future, PACS will be upgraded with an add-on tele-hospital platform with Cambodia-China Friendship Preah Kossamak Hospital as the hub to provide training for more provincial doctors to become PACS specialists.
Then provincial doctors can request immediate assistance from Cambodia-China Friendship Preah Kossamak Hospital to support and diagnose emergency cases, which will help reduce travelling and waiting periods, helping save the time of both patients and doctors.
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