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Prasad Dronamraju
The global pandemic has put IT organizations in the spotlight, with greater pressure to deliver differentiated digital products and services. With enterprises expected to spend $2.8 trillion on digital transformation by 2025, IT teams need to fast-track critical priorities such as enabling new product offerings, delivering personalized customer experiences and supporting remote work.
Enterprise IT teams, in turn, are increasingly partnering with managed service providers (MSPs) to help their organizations thrive in the post-pandemic era. Service providers combine industry-specific knowledge with technology expertise to ensure the continuous availability of enterprise services while driving faster revenue growth and greater operational efficiencies for their customers.
Since MSPs need to handle both legacy and modern workloads across their customer base, they must have the right tools, processes and teams for delivering best-in-class managed services at the right value to customers. Here are seven habits modern service providers can adopt to ensure rapid customer acquisition and lasting client relationships:
Managed service providers need to be more agile, flexible and service-oriented than the IT organizations they work with. Service providers that adopt these seven habits can help their clients innovate and meet business objectives at breakneck speeds. As a result, highly effective service providers will witness significant growth, competitive differentiation and stickier engagements in a hypercompetitive market.
Prasad Dronamraju is a solution architect and technical product marketing manager at OpsRamp. You may follow him at LinkedIn or @OpsRamp on Twitter.
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