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December 30, 2021 
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2021 Accomplishments Countdown: Supporting Veterans and Service Members 
Governor Whitmer counts down to 2022 by highlighting administration’s progress on 10 kitchen-table issues that makes a difference in people’s lives 
LANSING, Mich. – The Whitmer-Gilchrist administration is counting down the last 10 days of 2021 by celebrating Michigan’s progress on 10 fundamental kitchen-table issues. Today we celebrate progress Michigan has made on supporting veterans and service members.  
“The men and women of the Michigan National Guard and those from Michigan in active-duty and other reserve components of our military serve our state and nation with honor and distinction. We must do everything we can to support them and help them thrive,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “I’ve been focused on growing and establishing programs to expand opportunity, deliver resources and make changes at the state-level to recognize the sacrifices made by our veterans, service members and their families. Together, we can ensure they have access to great healthcare, have pathways to higher education or skills training and the opportunity to find a good-paying job.”  
The Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is guided by one fundamental promise: that those who are serving or have honorably served our state and nation are ‘members for life’,” said U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul D. Rogers, Director and Adjutant General of the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. “In all that we do, we are driven by this underlying commitment, and I could not be prouder of what we have accomplished this year in support of Governor Whitmer’s priority to help Michigan’s military service members and veterans thrive.” 
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The Governor has worked collaboratively to both honor and recognize the sacrifices of our service members, Veterans, and their families. Through a broad range of new initiatives and programs, more opportunities than ever before are being afforded to those who have served, or currently serve, our communities, state, and nation. With the support of these programs, Michigan will continue to be a leader in services and improved quality of life for our most honored citizens,” said Jason Wallner, OIF/OEF Army Veteran, Upper Peninsula 
“The American Legion applauds Governor Whitmer for her advocacy for Michigan’s veterans, and we are proud to have her support of The American Legion, VFW, VVA and DAV’s officers across the state,” said Richard Dubay Sr., State Commander of The American Legion. 
“Governor Whitmer and her team have done an amazing job in supporting Michigan’s veterans, and Michigan’s Veteran Service Organizations,” said Kevin Conklin, State Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. “The funding increase the Governor supported for the VFW, American Legion, DAV and VVA’s service officers are changing people’s lives. We are excited that this funding increase will enable our organizations to scale the amazing work we do every day.” 
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