How you can reach your 2022 goals with the help of a vision board – The US Sun

IT’S A new year, which means millions of people across the globe have set intentions and resolutions for the next 12 months.
Achieving New Year’s resolutions isn’t always an easy feat, but a vision board might be just what some people need to help them along the way.
Vision boards were popularized in the 2000s thanks to Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book, The Secret, according to The Washington Post.
In her writing, she talks about attracting what you want in life by continuously thinking about it and envisioning it as you work toward it.
This process is known as the Law of Attraction.
Life coaches, business development experts, celebrities, and even sports stars use the idea behind the Law of Attraction and manifestation to help them achieve their goals.
In fact, NFL quarterback Richard Sherman told CNBC Make It he uses visualization and positive thinking to bring about his desired outcomes in games.
“I try to remember the moments when I was at my best — when I was having a great day and I really was in my zone. I go back to that feeling,” he explained.
“Then I attack the day. I attack the game with that same enthusiasm.”
He said he's had “great results.”
Similarly, vision boards help people envision the outcomes they long for.
They are a crafty and sometimes even aesthetically pleasing way to bring the life you desire into existence – and they’re super simple to set up. 
Catherine Nikkel, a content creator, ghostwriter, and the founder of Mindful Media, told The Sun that creating a vision board​​ “can help you assess where you’re at in your life, where you want to be, and what physical acts you need to take in order to get there.”
She added that there are “no rules, so you get to add whatever you want to it.”
So how exactly do you start your vision board? Ask yourself intentional questions.
According to Alisha Wielfaert, a life coach at Yoke and Abundance, these questions can range from where you see yourself in the next year, two years, or even 10 years and how you want your life to look in different areas such as family, career, and passions to how you want to feel in the new year and what activities would make you happiest.
Then, it’s time to hit the magazines to find pictures that represent your goals.
Cut the pictures out and paste them to a board, a paper, or even a wall, and the physical portion of the board is done. 
Simply creating a vision board is not going to bring forth your desires; you need to work for it.  
“Once the vision board is completed, put it somewhere intentional that you will look at every single day,” Alisha instructed.
She encouraged people to then take time out of their day to gaze upon their board and feel gratitude for what they’re working toward and what’s to come.
She continued: “Then spend a little time thinking about the goals you have to bring those visions into your life and make a plan to start achieving those goals and dreams.”
With this method, a vision board serves as a physical reminder of what you want to see happen in your life.
In a sense, it’s your accountability partner. 
“Without vision, it's easy to lose a grasp of your purpose and direction. 
“Without a plan, it's hard to ensure you keep moving in that. 
“A vision board helps with that,” Tahkyra Terrel, therapist, life coach, and CEO and Founder of Minding My Vision, LLC, explained to The Sun.
Vision boards are your own creation with no limits or boundaries. 
Therefore, you can shape and shift them to fit your evolving needs as the year goes on.
In fact, you can even make an entirely new board if that’s what helps you stay on the path you see best for yourself. 
“I have encouraged clients and students to create vision boards on a quarterly basis,” Catherine shared.
“This will allow for regular updates, additions, or changes that need to be made to the original vision board. 
She added: “In my opinion, it’s important we review, edit, and adjust our vision boards as often as we review, edit, and adjust our goals. 
“This will allow for a consistent alignment throughout the year.”
So, when making your New Year resolutions, consider creating a vision board – you might just attract everything you want.
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