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PEORIA (25 NEWS) – The East Bluff Community Center is helping the community feel refreshed and have a vision for the new year.
The held a ‘Vision Board Party’ Sunday, where about 10 guests got to enjoy some yoga, mini massage sessions, a nutritious lunch and of course, make vision boards.
Yoga instructor Janie Backs said it’s a day to help guests relieve any stress and negative energy from 2021 and go into 2022 feeling empowered.
Backs said she also wanted to make wellness and self care accessible to the community.
“There’s a myriad of things that yoga does, but it also helps you really integrate whatever you’re working through into your body,” Backs said.
“We can think all the things, we can see all the things, but if we don’t integrate it into our physical body, then we’re not actually doing it out in the world,” she added.
Facilitator April Foster said the vision boards are about digging deep and reflecting on what the past year has brought and manifesting what they want going forward.
Foster said after doing some reflecting of her own, she hopes to leave fear behind in 2021.
“There’s been so much going on with the pandemic and then with crime and just so many things in our community right now that I don’t want to live in fear,” Foster said.
“Fear is gripping, fear keeps you from going forward and doing the things that you want to do in life,” Foster added.
Backs is a yoga instructor at Soulside Healing Arts in Peoria.
She said anyone who missed the vision board party yoga session can go to Soulside’s website to sign up.
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