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SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG Display, the world's leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it will be showcasing its latest innovations at CES 2022.
Under the theme of "Display Your Universe", LG Display will be introducing innovative solutions that not only cater to people's constantly-evolving needs and various lifestyles, but also propose new experiences set to redefine the way people do ordinary tasks in their daily lives.
The company will be highlighting its differentiated and cutting-edge technologies to enhance people's lives – including 'OLED.EX', the next phase of OLED's evolution; Transparent and Flexible OLED solutions that break away from spatial limitations; 'IPS Black', its new high-end LCD technology for IT products; new Gaming OLED displays, as well as a 17-inch Foldable OLED display for laptops.
OLED.EX, the Next-Generation OLED TV Technology to Provide an Upgraded Viewing Experience
This year's showstopper is LG Display's brand-new OLED TV display 'OLED.EX', which will further improve picture quality to provide an upgraded viewing experience.
The next-generation OLED.EX display implements LG Display's deuterium and personalized algorithm-based 'EX Technology'. Compared to conventional OLED displays, brightness is boosted by 30 percent while bezel width is reduced by 30 percent from 6mm to 4mm based on 65-inch OLED displays, thereby enhancing the OLED panels' overall picture quality and heightening the design's premium aesthetic.
The OLED.EX name is an acronym of 'Evolution' and 'eXperience', which represents the company's willingness of providing customers with new experiences through its ever-evolving OLED technology.
Starting from the second quarter of 2022, LG Display will integrate its groundbreaking OLED.EX technology into every OLED TV display it produces to ensure people can enjoy next-level immersive viewing experiences.
Cutting-edge OLED Innovations Delivering Unprecedented Experiences
In addition to OLED.EX, LG Display will be unveiling Transparent OLED solutions developed to further seamlessly bridge the gap between online and physical spaces. Leveraging the advantages of OLED's self-emissive nature, the company's Transparent OLED boasts high transparency enough to replace regular glasses as well as the ability to display graphic effects and information in excellent picture quality. In addition, considering that Transparent OLED displays flaunt a slim design and light weight, they can be widely utilized for various industries such as transportation and construction.
The company is demonstrating the benefits of Transparent OLED through an array of unique and eye-catching products including 'Shopping Managing Showcase' and 'Show Window' for shopping malls, as well as 'Smart Window' for offices, Transparent OLED for subway trains, and 'OLED Shelf' that can transform any home interior into a living space.
LG Display is set to unveil its 'Shopping Managing Showcase,' a Transparent OLED display fitted inside a wooden display stand, which will reinvent the offline shopping experience. Ideal for luxurious department stores, the Shopping Managing Showcase can display eye-catching visual content on the screen that harmonizes with the products on display behind to better grab the attention of shoppers and elevate the ambience of the place.
Another example of how LG Display is redefining the shopping experience is its newly upgraded 'Show Window'. Originally having comprised a single Transparent OLED display, the Show Window now utilizes four 55-inch Transparent OLED displays, maximizing the advertising potential of window displays by delivering a more unique and informative shopping experience.
When it comes to the office, LG Display will be showcasing its 'Smart Window' which is specially designed for the office of the future. By applying this Transparent OLED technology to conference room windows, the advanced Smart Window can help professional teams maximize their productivity by transforming into an expansive screen for video conferencing and presentations without compromising the open view of a normal glass window.
LG Display will be also showcasing Transparent OLED for subway trains. Designed to replace existing subway train windows, the Transparent OLED displays provide useful information regarding subway schedules, weather, and news all the while giving passengers a clear view of the outside scenery. When fully applied in the transportation and mobility industry, the Transparent OLEDs are expected to provide augmented reality-like experiences such as displaying advertisements or relevant information regarding famous landmarks in real-time as the train is passing by.
To modernize home life, LG Display will be introducing its latest concept, 'OLED Shelf,' which combines two Transparent OLED displays, one above the other, and seamlessly blends into any living room decoration while adding a touch of elegance as it is hanging off from the shelf on the wall. The innovative OLED Shelf is perfect for displaying TV shows or gallery paintings while running in its Always on Display Mode, further demonstrating Transparent OLED displays' ability to transform any home interior into a living space that exudes modernity.
Another innovation ready to make global headlines is the company's 'Virtual Ride'. The innovative Virtual Ride is an indoor stationary bicycle with three vertically-curved 55-inch OLED displays in front of and above it. The Virtual Ride demonstrates superior all-around flexible performance along with vivid, lifelike picture quality from the OLED screens that allow riders to carry out their favorite outdoor activity in the comfort of home.
Next up is the 'Media Chair' which combines a comfortable reclining chair with a curved Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) display. Leveraging CSO's remarkable ability to emit sound from the display itself, the Media Chair unlocks a whole new experience that allows the user to relax while enjoying an immersive, theater-like experience at home.
Moreover, LG Display will be showcasing Gaming OLED displays. Its Gaming OLED range, which has already received high praise from the gaming community, flaunts a response time 10 times faster than conventional LCD counterparts without irritating ghosting effects, to allow the user to enjoy excellent image quality and an immersive gameplay to date. The company's highly-touted Gaming OLED also provides an even higher level of eye comfort for long gaming sessions without the sore and fatigued eyes during and afterwards. LG Display will bring its 48-inch and 42-inch Gaming OLED displays to the market in 2022.
LG Display will be showing off its 17-inch Foldable OLED for laptops. The display is almost entirely crease-free at the point of folding, letting users enjoy one device in various ways and forms – from a tablet to a laptop to even a portable monitor. What's more, the screen is also equipped with the company's touchscreen solutions that enable people to use the screen with either a pen or one's fingers depending on their preference or the task being undertaken.
'IPS Black', A High-End, Premium LCD Technology for IT products
For the first time ever, LG Display will introduce 'IPS Black', a high-end and premium LCD technology for IT products. The IPS Black displays boast a black level 35 percent deeper than existing IPS products, which enables extreme clarity and precise color accuracy, essential for professions where success lies in the details. What's more, the IPS Black significantly lowers the level of blue light and flaunts a nearly-borderless design on all sides of the display that heightens immersion and looks great anywhere. LG Display will be introducing its IPS Black technology at CES 2022 through a 27-inch UHD monitor.
LG Display's cutting-edge and innovative display products will be showcased through its virtual exhibition on CES official website only for its customers.
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