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Our mission is "to serve the veteran who served us." The VA North Florida/South Georgia Healthcare System is committed to providing our patients with the highest Quality of Care in an environment that is safe. We do this by focusing on Continuous Process Improvement and by supporting a Culture of Safety.
To be a patient-centered integrated health care organization for Veterans providing excellent health care, research, and education; an organization where people choose to work; an active community partner; and a back-up for National emergencies.
We provide health care services at 26 locations serving a 50-county region in northern Florida and southern Georgia. Facilities include our Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, our Lake City VA Medical Center and our Jacksonville Navy VA Medical Center. We also have 3 multi-specialty outpatient clinics in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and The Villages, Florida; and community-based outpatient clinics in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Lake City, Marianna, Middleburg, Ocala, Palatka, Perry, and St. Augustine, Florida; and St. Marys, Valdosta, and Waycross, Georgia.
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