Maine Warden Service urges caution on ice – WABI

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Be careful out there.
That’s the message from the Maine Warden Service when it comes to ice conditions across the state.
TV5 spoke with a warden Monday.
“With our Maine weather that we have, the ups and ups and downs of different warmer weather and colder weather, that ice does change, and you might have been safe yesterday, and it’s not safe today,” said Game Warden Rick Ouellette. Adding that it’s been an interesting start to the winter. A few mild days followed by very cold temps overnight Sunday into Monday.
“Warm water lakes tightening up with temperatures that we had last night of, you know, 11 degrees, 12 degrees,” he said Monday.
A lot of it has to do with the make up of a given body of water. You need to know a little bit about where you are fishing.
“Ice is starting to form on the warm water lakes,” said Oullette. “A lot of the cold water lakes still not froze, then the spring fed inlets and outlets are always to be cautious of even in the midst of winter. February, March and when you think of a lot of ice inlets and outlets still, you know, still want to have danger all over them. Current is another thing that you want to be aware of. Any moving water, obviously, with a water that goes up and down. Some small lakes have an inlet and outlet and the water will still move. And even though you have maybe eight inches in one spot, maybe only have a couple inches in another.”
So, if you are headed out, take your time testing the ice.
“It’s always good to really check your ice often, especially in an area where you’re not familiar with, and check before you go to, you know, walk a little bit,” he said. “Check the ice, and make sure that you you know the weight load that you’re expecting to put on it that will sustain what you’re going to bring, whether or not it’s an ATV, a snowmobile, or just yourself.”
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