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COVID-19 vaccines: All Veterans, spouses and caregivers can get a COVID-19 vaccine at VA by appointment or walk-in clinic. Visit our vaccine information page.
If you are experiencing symptoms such as a cough, runny/stuffy nose, fatigue, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, fever or sneezing, call the VISN 8 Clinical Contact Center (1-877-741-3400) first – before visiting a hospital or clinic.  Our clinicians are available 24/7 to address your concerns, schedule a virtual appointment with a licensed health care professional in the comfort of your home or wherever you may be, or assist if you need to get tested for COVID-19. At this time, no visitors are allowed at any of our facilities. 
Our mission is "to serve the veteran who served us." The Miami VA Healthcare System is committed to providing our patients with the highest Quality of Care in an environment that is safe. We do this by focusing on Continuous Process Improvement and by supporting a Culture of Safety.
Our vision is to continue to strive to be the benchmark of excellence and value in health care by providing exemplary services that are both patient centered and evidence based. This care will be delivered by engaged, collaborative teams in an integrated environment that supports learning, discovery and continuous improvement. It will emphasize prevention and population health and contribute to the nation’s well being through education, research, and service in national emergencies
For more information on our core values please go to www.va.gov/icare/.
At the Bruce W. Carter Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Miami and our 8 community-based outpatient clinics, we offer a variety of health services to meet the needs of our nation's Veterans. Our other health care facilities include Fisher House, a home away from home where Veterans’ families can stay, free of charge, while their loved one receives treatment. 
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