Sony Vision-S 02 Concept EV SUV Could Reach Production – Car and Driver

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This electric crossover is similar in size to the Tesla Model Y and passengers can play PlayStation games.
At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last year, Sony said it had no plans to sell its Vision-S 01 electric sedan, instead claiming that it was only for testing autonomous driving technology. The tech company’s aspirations seem to have changed this year, as it’s planning to potentially enter the market soon, showing a new Vision-S 02 SUV that can seat up to seven passengers.
This SUV is similar in size as the Tesla Model Y, one of the best-selling electric vehicles last year. A dual-motor setup provides all-wheel drive and 536 horsepower, but Sony has yet to reveal any details on the battery pack or make any claims about range. If it makes production, though, it’d need to keep up with the Model Y, which offers up to 330 miles of range. This prototype vehicle is equipped with control arms front and rear with air springs and rides on 20-inch wheels.
The Vision-S 02’s interior is similar to that seen on the 01 sedan shown last year, with a large panoramic screen across the dashboard with three individual screens including one for the front passenger. Drivers can customize the car’s acceleration and deceleration sounds. The rear passengers get screens, too, and can play PlayStation games through a remote connection to a gaming console at home.
Sony has been testing Level 2 driver-assist systems in Europe using the Vision-S 01 sedan that was debuted last year. In the spring of this year, under the name Sony Mobility Inc., the company plans to start launching the Vision-S 02 into the growing EV market.