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Night Vision Potions in Minecraft provide a huge benefit for players exploring the dark depths of the cavernous underground biomes and deep oceans.
Night Vision in Minecraft is one of the most beneficial status effects that adventurers can have when exploring the spacious depths of underground caverns. When active, Night Vision allows players to see into the darkness with clear eyesight as if it were daytime. This effect also applies to the deep-water recesses of the Ocean biomes, granting Minecraft players a bright and purified view of the subaquatic landscapes. While tools such as Torches can supply ample light within the dark corridors of underground mine shafts, Night Vision can bring to light spots of interest such as a hidden Diamond Ore cluster or expose a secluded Creeper hiding in the shadows.
The primary way to receive the power of night-sight in Minecraft is by drinking a Night Vision Potion crafted at an alchemic Brewing Stand. To make a Brewing Stand, players must venture into the perilous Nether realm to collect Blaze Rods, an essential component for the work station itself, as well as crafting potions.
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Minecraft alchemists can obtain Blaze Rods from Blazes, a fiery hostile mob located in the Nether. Remember to be well-equipped with healing items before facing Blaze mobs, as water cannot be used to put out fires in the Nether biomes. After collecting several Blaze Rods, players can construct a Brewing Stand by combining one rod with three stone-tier blocks like Cobblestone. Finally, convert one Blaze Rod into two Blaze Powders, which fuel the alchemy stand.
The next step is to gather ingredients for the Night Vision Potion. First, players will need Nether Wart, a special fungus that only grows within Nether Fortresses or Bastion Remnants. Fans will likely find this ingredient while hunting for Blazes in the Minecraft Nether biome. Place the wart into the Brewing Stand with three blank Potions filled with water. Empty potion flasks are easily crafted with three Glass blocks. The Nether Wart will turn each flask into Awkward Potions, brews ready for alteration.
Minecraft players must now find or make a Golden Carrot. These rare carrots can either be found in loot chests or crafted using Carrot x1 surrounded by Gold Nuggets x8. Carrots are commonly found within Village farms or random treasure chests, and Gold Nuggets also come from loot or are made by deconstructing a Gold Ingot. Place the Golden Carrot within the Brewing Stand to transform the Awkward Potions into three Night Vision Potions. Minecraft fans can further enhance their potions by using Redstone, resulting in the effect’s duration from 3 minutes to 8 minutes.
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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.
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