Samsung’s Vision Of The Automotive Future Is Both Interesting And Slightly Awful – CarScoops

Samsung has used CES to present its vision for in-vehicle experiences of the future.

Essentially a high-tech head up display that uses augmented reality to project information into the driver’s field of view, this vision of the future is both interesting and slightly awful.
Things get off to a decent start as the conceptual system welcomes the driver, before scanning them and the vehicle to ensure they’re both in good condition. The system then checks the driver’s calendar and suggests driving directions based on their schedule.
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Once the driver confirms they want to go to the suggested location, navigation information is loaded and projected onto the display as an easy to see line. As the trip gets underway, the system warns the driver of an approaching emergency vehicle and suggests they change lanes.
Things then take a turn for the worse as the display effectively becomes an ad for nearby businesses such as a grocery store, shoe shop and pizza place. The system also comes off a little pushy as it suggests grabbing coffee at a place the driver often visits. While this could get annoying, Samsung noted the system is envisioned to allow users to navigate through restaurant menus and place an order from their car.
Putting that aside, the system is envisioned to use V2X technology to provide a “see-through” view of what’s in front of a semi. This is a neat idea as it can be hard to see exit signs when you’re stuck behind a semi that’s blocking your view.
The clip goes on to show video conference calls enabled by 5G technology and safety features that highlight road signs as well as animals near the side of the road.
While some of the features seem a little farfetched, a number of companies showed augmented reality navigation at CES and it’s likely coming to more cars in the future.
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