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We hope everyone had a restful break and is ready to begin 2022! Here’s your periodic reminder that the ATC is here to help facilitate delivery of academic content on-campus or remotely. If you have any questions about using the instructional technology tools available at WPI, please reach out to us or attend one of our workshops! 
Canvas is WPI’s official course website system to deploy learning materials, assessments, discussions, and grades. 
You can see your favorite Canvas courses in The Hub? Check it out here! 
Do you want to offer flexibility but aren’t sure how to do it with an online or hybrid approach? Our blog post on flexibility options in Canvas might give you some ideas! 
Looking for more real time collaboration or more ways to communicate with your class? You can automatically generate & link a Teams site to your Canvas course site. Have a cross-listed course? Please contact us at [email protected] to merge your sections (if desired) before generating your Team.  
Need changes to your site? Use our form for all Canvas modification requests: https://www.wpi.edu/+canvasrequest 
Got a Canvas question or need to report an issue? We’re here to help! 
Weekdays 8-5, our team is answering questions at: [email protected] 
We also have 24/7 tech support for Faculty and TAs, just click on “Help” in the left-hand menu of Canvas to call, chat, or email Canvas.  
Don’t forget about our Canvas blog to stay up-to-date on Canvas changes and tips and tricks from our Canvas experts. 
Need a quick refresher on Canvas basics? Want to do a deep dive into a specific Canvas tool? Grab your beverage of choice and book a 30 minute online chat with Lindsey Van Gieson ([email protected])
Booking link: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/[email protected]/bookings/     
Zoom-compatible hardware is available in all classrooms on campus, so you can reach your students remotely from any computer you’d like. If you’d like to learn more about Zoom or have any questions, stop by during our digital Zoom Office Hours being offered during the following times: 
Zoom Office Hours 
12:00pm – 2:00 pm – Wednesday, January 5 
Zoom Office Hours 
12:00pm – 2:00 pm – Friday, January 7 
Zoom Office Hours 
11:00am – 1:00 pm – Monday, January 10 
For basic Zoom training and other topics, check out our videos on Zoom: 
You can also email Jolene Cotnoir ([email protected]) to schedule a one-on-one training session that fits your schedule. 
Echo360 is the lecture capture system used in classrooms at WPI. To understand how it works, please attend one of the following workshops: 
Echo360 – Basics 
10:00am – Thursday, January 6 
Echo360 – Basics 
 10:00am – Monday, January 10 
Any specific questions about Echo360 or special training requests? Email Sophie at [email protected]
Join ATC TTL staff on Tuesday, January 11th for AV training in one of the new classrooms in our newest academic building. Pop by Classroom 400 when you have 15-30 minutes any time between 10am – 2pm. Pre-registration not required. 
To learn more about the AV in these new classrooms, visit this Podium Preview article in the Hub. 
Open office hours on Mondays 3-4pm, Wednesdays 9-10am, and Fridays 11:30am-12:30pm using this Zoom: https://wpi.zoom.us/j/393623552 
We’ve recorded and collected our best workshops, and other “micro-training” sessions where you can learn a topic on Canvas, Echo360, or Zoom in 10 minutes or less!  
On Demand Trainings – Full 45-minute training session recordings 
Micro-Trainings – individual Canvas, Echo360, Zoom topics, learn in 10 minutes or less 
Don’t see a micro or regular training session that you are looking for? Contact us at [email protected] to schedule a 1-on-1 session that works with your schedule. 
Zoom is WPI’s web conferencing tool accessible from https://wpi.zoom.us. If you’re interested in: 
Bringing a guest speaker to your classroom 
Teaching your class from home due to inclement weather 
Giving your students a tool to share and discuss ideas in real-time 
Hosting an online, interactive class or meeting 
Zoom supports simultaneous screen sharing, video, and audio (telephone or computer audio), as well as a suite of collaboration tools, and many more features. Check out the workshops above, or contact Jolene Cotnoir at [email protected]  
In response to the recent email sent out by John McNeill and Reeta Rao, CERT Academic Liaisons, ATC will be implementing lecture capture enabled by default, for classes categorized with the “lecture” instructional format in WorkDay, in rooms with the appropriate technology. 
Faculty may opt-out at their discretion if in their judgment the class is not suitable for lecture capture. To opt-out, please complete this opt-out request form. ATC will process your request within one business day. 
All classrooms have podium gooseneck microphones. Please stand as close to them as possible to ensure high-quality audio is recorded. If you would like to request a wireless lavaliere microphone, please fill out this request form and the ATC will prepare one for you and follow-up via email when it is ready to be picked up. 
Echo360 and Canvas allow automatic deployment of classroom lecture videos and Zoom recordings into your Canvas site! 
Learn how to set up the automatic ingest of your Zoom cloud recordings in this Echo36-Zoom Connection blog post. 
Each classroom at WPI is now equipped with Echo360 Lecture Capture thanks to our amazing AV Services team.  But is Echo360 the tool you need? How does it differ from Zoom? Do I have to be in a classroom to record? Start here with our Recording Lectures FAQ post and this comparison chart. Even if you record using Zoom in a classroom, you can still use Echo360 by setting up an automatic connection between your Zoom recordings and Echo360. This connection enables your Zoom recordings to be stored in your Echo360 library on a more permanent basis than is currently possible with Zoom, as Zoom recordings are deleted after 100 days. 
To request Echo360 lecture capture, please fill out the form here: http://www.wpi.edu/+echorequest 
Still thinking about your course and how you can support your students who might need more flexibility in C-Term? Wondering about “blended,” “flipped” or other teaching approaches? 
Check out this infographic overview and consider consulting with one of our Instructional Designers to help identify what asynchronous and synchronous teaching and learning activities you might consider incorporating into your course using either Echo360 or Zoom. 
Feel free to reach out to us anytime to schedule a consult at [email protected]
Are you maxing out your Canvas storage? Learn more about the options we have for streaming your lectures and uploading video or other media that connect into Canvas for a seamless experience for you and your students. 
Please Note: Ensemble Video is no longer supported at WPI. Ensemble video content will still be playable from Ensemble until the end of the 2021/22 academic year. The next phase of the migration process involves porting Ensemble video files to Echo360. 
In the meantime, if you want to get started learning about Echo360, check out the resources here or email [email protected]
For more information or to schedule training on Echo360, contact [email protected]
Poll Everywhere is a web-based polling solution where students use their phone, tablets, and laptops to answer questions used for lecture engagement. You can even use it in Zoom!  If you do not currently have access to Poll Everywhere, please use the Polling Request form
A couple quick poll everywhere reminders for existing users: 
Connecting Poll Everywhere and Canvas 
Instructions for your students if you are connecting to Canvas 
Sending Grades to Canvas  
WPI has a site license for the fully featured Qualtrics suite.  No need to use “free” online services for your surveys!  Qualtrics will be making changes to their survey building dashboard over the next couple of months.  Learn more about what to expect.  
If you would like to meet for 30 minutes via Zoom for a consult or training on Poll Everywhere or Qualtrics you can book one online! 
WPI has a free license to use FlipGrid, which allows for video discussion boards that can be enabled directly within Canvas.  Learn more about FlipGrid.   
Throughout A/B term this year we have been testing a software tool called Gradescope with various faculty members, and it is now available in Canvas for instructors to use.  
Delivering and Grading Your Existing Assignments with Gradescope 
Gradescope supports fully online assignments where no paper is required, paper-based assignments, assignments combining online and paper-based approaches, and programming assignments. You can find more information about remote assessment in this FAQ Guide
Getting Started with Gradescope 
If you don’t yet have a Gradescope account, you can create one on their homepage. We recommend using these short videos and the searchable Help Center as you get started.  
Gradescope Workshops and Learning Community 
The Gradescope team hosts weekly workshops on Thursdays at 12pm Eastern. A workshop is a great way to get a quick walkthrough of the platform and learn how to get the most out of Gradescope. 
We have a Teams Learning Community set up for those interested in using Gradescope.  You can join the team to learn more and to access documentation on Gradescope directly in our Team notebook.    
MFA has been used by WPI for several years to protect critical data, such as that in Workday. In addition to your WPI username and password, it requires another form of verification to allow access. As of December 20, 2021, MFA is now enabled for all employees for every connection to the WPI network, both remote and on-campus. Complete MFA explanation and expansion details are on the WPI Hub.  
o    Action Needed – Methods: Please ensure your MFA methods are up-to-date, and that you have access to verify wherever you are connecting. For example, if you receive a verification via text message, you will need your mobile phone to connect to a classroom or conference room podium.   
o    Action Needed – Mobile Email: Email service on your mobile device may be disrupted after the MFA expansion. It can be restored by removing and re-adding the email account on the mobile device.  
o    Assistance: Please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance with MFA, or about using a hardware token if your circumstances preclude the use of other Microsoft MFA verification methods. 
Got a question or a problem? E-mail [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help find a solution! 
The Technology for Teaching and Learning team is available M-F, 8am-5pm. 
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