Use Apple Airtags? Model shares her experience being stalked with the technology – WPIX 11 New York

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TRIBECA, Manhattan — If you ever feel like someone is watching you or tracking your every move, you might be right. It’s something model Brooks Nader said happened to her in what she calls the “scariest moment of her life.”
And experts told PIX11 News that Nader’s story is far from unusual.
Nadar said she realized a stranger planted an Airtag in her coat pocket while she was out at a Lower Manhattan bar, using it to follow her for at least five hours.
The technology is supposed to be used for convenience, but security expert Manny Gomez said it’s being used for more nefarious purposes as well.
He said, it’s “an easy, inexpensive way” to stalk people.
In a statement, an Apple spokesperson said the Airtag is “designed with a set of proactive features to discourage unwanted tracking.”
However, Gomez said those safeguards don’t protect people who don’t have an Apple device.
“If you have an Android … it is close to impossible right now, even though Apple is working on ways to track it on other devices,” he said.
Fortunately, Nader was not hurt in the incident — just shaken up. Gomez offered PIX11 News his advice on how to protect against the technology.
“Check yourself,” he said, “check your bag and your clothing to make sure you don’t have any devices on you.”

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