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Matter didn’t make an appearance this year at CES sadly, which left us a bit dry when it comes to bringing you information direct from the source this round. However, companies like Tuya and Nordic Semiconductors were available to assure everyone with demos and news that Matter is indeed happening.
Tuya featured an all-out display of various manufacturers that have teamed up with Tuya to integrate the smart home cloud technology into their products. Proving that they are one of the top companies to lead the path toward creating a much versatile ecosystem of product selection.
Of course, in order to continue this journey, it would be wise for the company to allow support for the new Matter standard that will be rolling out this year. Matter is determined to create a universal standard for device connectivity. Helping to bridge the gap between all of these product families so that they can work together in harmony.
Just about every major name within the tech industry is behind Matter and Tuya is right there with them all. Not only that, but they have been there from the beginning and are on the board of directors for the CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance). Showing how much dedication the company has toward seeing everything through to the end.
This is just the tip of the iceberg though as companies like Amazon, Google, and more have also had all sorts of news to share in regards to embracing the standard and making connectivity between devices and ecosystems much easier in the coming future.
It’s exciting to see Matter getting so much support by these companies and even more exciting to think what it will bring to the smart home industry. 2022 is looking to be a fantastic year for smart home.
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