Motorola wrap-around display tech surfaces in a patent, covers four sides of device – Republic World

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Motorola has been reportedly working on an all-screen smartphone. A patent submitted by the company has been published recently, suggesting that it has plans for making a smartphone with a screen that wraps all around it, such that only the top and the bottom edge of the smartphone is left with the frame. Read along to find out more details about the all-screen Motorola smartphone. 
According to Lets Go Digital, Motorola might be working on a smartphone with a wrap-around display. Essentially, all four sides of the smartphone have a screen surface. The report says that Motorola has filed two patents. The first patent dates back to June 2020 which was filed by Motorola Mobility LLC with the United States and Trademark Office. This patent was published last year in December 2021. Secondly, Motorola also submitted detailed documentation in August 2021. As seen in the renders, the smartphone might come out as a new Motorola phone or Moto Razr phone in the future. 
The first patent submitted by Motorola talks about “Unitary pre-formed fascia tension at least two sides of an electronic device housing and corresponding methods and devices.” As mentioned in the documentation, Motorola describes how the users will be able to interact with the device which has a screen on all four sides. Additionally, it is also reported that Motorola filed the same patent with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. Filing a patent with multiple trademark registration bodies around the world ensures global protection of the technology. 
From the looks of it, Motorola is working on a smartphone with a screen on all four sides, including the front, both the sides and the back panel. As mentioned earlier, Motorola has described in a document that the sides of the smartphone shall be used with in-display buttons or controls. Since the right and the left side of the smartphone is covered in scree, the metallic frame will only be visible on the top and bottom edge, which will also contain the SIM slot, USB-C port, microphone for calls and a speaker. 
The documents also talk about the smartphone being compatible with a stylus. Further, the smartphone will detect in which orientation is it being kept in the pocket or taken out, and align the virtual button accordingly. This would be done to avoid confusion with the right holding position of the smartphone. As the device will be on a tabletop, users will be able to activate the display on its edge to interact with it. However, it might take a lot of time for such a technology to be developed at a commercial level. Stay tuned for more technology news.