Cross Industry Tech Applications, a key priority: ETILC – Economic Times

“The most systematic approach for us this year would be to identify the needs of the industry, chart out progress in other geographies and drive betterment of tech across multiple sectors”
— Nitin Sahni, Founder & CEO, Kamadhenu Tech
“Three pillars of our economy are agri, manufacturing & services. Manufacturing and services have a lot of tech intervention, a lot can be done in agri”
— Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint MD, Panasonic Life Solutions India
““Our focus should be two-fold. Work towards effective use of current tech. And, getting tech into areas that have low adoption”
— Balaji Sreedhar, Associate Vice President, MarketsAndMarkets
“We should consider how tech can be used to achieve, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals.”
— Amitabh Ray, Managing Director, Ericsson India
“To decide the nature of tech development, we must meet with govt representatives & seek their inputs and align our agenda with it.”
— Himanshu Goel, MD & CEO, Azpiro
“It’s important that we pick up the agenda and purpose of the subcommittee which cuts across industry so that everyone can contribute. We should also have a database of subject matter expertise”
— Madhav Bhadra, CEO, AQM Technologies
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