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Fenwick has surveyed the corporate governance practices of the companies included in the Standard & Poor’s 100 Index (S&P 100) and the technology and life sciences companies included in the Fenwick – Bloomberg Law Silicon Valley 150 List (SV 150) each year since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which signaled the initial wave of corporate governance reforms among public companies.
In this report, we present statistical information for a subset of the data we have collected over the years, updated for the 2021 proxy season. These include board leadership makeup, majority voting, board classification, use of a dual-class voting structure size and number of meetings for boards and their primary committees, and the number of insider directors.
We have also included data covering the number of women on boards of directors, stock ownership guidelines for executive officers and directors, executive officer numbers and classification, and additional information about committees beyond the primary committees. In each case, we present comparative data for the S&P 100 companies and for the technology and life sciences companies included in the SV 150, as well as trend information.
Most of the governance practices and trends from previous years continued in the 2021 proxy season. Notable developments include an increase in gender diversity in both the SV 150 and S&P 100. We also saw changes in other key areas, including dual-class voting structure, board classification and majority voting.
Select observations for 2021 include:
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