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FlexJobs’ list of the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2022 ranks the companies with the highest number of remote job openings in 2021. GETTY
Good morning, everyone. It’s the second Tuesday of 2022, or as this lifetime Georgia 🏈 fan plans to call it, Stetson Bennett day, for the resilient former walk-on quarterback who last night led his team to its first national championship in four decades. This week in Forbes Careers:
— Revealing the top 100 companies for remote jobs
— Chief, the private executive women’s network, is going national
— Work in New York City? 💵 negotiations are about to get easier
Does RTO have you thinking OMG? With omicron surging around the country, many companies have postponed their return-to-office plans yet again. But if you’re like many office workers who’ve gotten used to sweatpants, couch desks and canine coworkers, you may be thinking “never again.” 
To help, Forbes spoke with FlexJobs, which scours the web for remote-based and flexible jobs, about its ninth annual list of the top 100 companies for remote jobs. FlexJobs’ analysis examines its database of remote jobs posted last year by approximately 57,000 companies to find which companies posted the most. 
While some are unsurprising (virtual call center Liveops or remote school-help outfits like Varsity Tutors), the list also includes more new companies than ever, and more jobs in fields like accounting, finance, marketing and HR, signaling remote work is here to stay. (Some newcomers: HubSpot, Mayo Clinic and Stitch Fix.)
And speaking of being remote, we’re also first with the news that the executive women’s network Chief is going national. I spoke with cofounders Lindsay Kaplan and Carolyn Childers about how they’ve grown their business during the pandemic, what the 1% of Chief’s revenues comes from that isn’t membership fees (“cocktails,” Kaplan told me), as well as with board member, investor and former American Express CEO Ken Chenault about why he likes Chief’s membership model.
Read more here, and tell me: How are you networking amid the pandemic? How important is it for you to continue working remotely?
To figure out what changes and trends we might realistically expect at work in the year ahead, Forbes spoke with corporate leaders, human resources advisers and technology experts. Some big themes: Return to office plans will be based more on metrics, digital whiteboards will be a big tech trend and the hot job market isn’t likely to cool off anytime soon. Read more here on five things to expect on the job in 2022.  
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New York City could soon require employers in the city to include salary ranges in job ads, joining places like Colorado. Unless the mayor vetoes it this week, the legislation passed by the city council will go into effect in April.
Another major company—Panasonic this time—is announcing a four-day workweek
Wondering about those workplace vaccine rules? Arguments were heard by the Supreme Court Friday, when conservative justices signaled they could block a federal vaccine-or-test mandate for large employers—but might be open to a separate one for healthcare workers, Forbes reported. The Labor Department has said it would begin penalizing large employers January 10, or February 9 for the testing rules. 
You don’t have to work for a jerk. Amid #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and the “Great Resignation,” there’s more scrutiny than ever of office bullies, reports the New York Times.
BetterUp Labs, the research team of virtual coaching platform BetterUp, released its annual report Tuesday finding that people with a “future-minded” orientation have 20% higher performance than others. 
Upwork, the freelance platform, revealed on Tuesday the 10 most in-demand skills for freelancers across technology, marketing and customer service jobs.

Looking for a new job is tough for everyone, but women of color face their own challenges. To help, career coach Octavia Goredema has written a guide just for them—Prep, Push, Pivot: Essential Career Strategies For Underrepresented Women—that could also help managers better understand the obstacles they face.
Key quote: “As women of color navigating the workplace, we see and feel barriers to advancing that are largely invisible to white professionals,” Goredema writes. “Breaking barriers is painful. Then, if we persist and push through, it can be equally painful on the other side.”