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January 14, 2022
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It is that time of the year again when more and more companies provide an update with regards to their achievements in the previous year and chart out the targets for the upcoming year. Yesterday, it was Sonasoft Corp (OTCMKTS:SSFT) which was in the news after it provided such an update.
On Thursday, SSFT stock fell 4.30% to $0.0467 with more than 413k shares, compared to its average volume of 586k shares. The stock has moved within a range of $0.0455 – 0.0500 after opening trade at $0.0476.
The company, which is best known for SAIBER or the Sonasoft AI Bot Runtime Engine noted that it had ended 2021 on a strong note. In addition to that, the company also pointed out that in 2021 it had also managed to ink a new strategic partnership and had started focussing again on end to end Artificial Intelligence projects.
While these were all significantly positive pieces of news, it did not lead to any optimism about the stock from among investors. The Sonasoft Corp stock actually suffered from a decline and ended the day with a decline of as much as 4%.
However, it is necessary for investors to note that the company did state in its update that it is in a strong position for further growth in 2022. It could still be a good move to add the Sonasoft Corp stock to your watch lists.
SSFT stock is trading below the 20-Day and 50-Day Moving averages of $0.0495 and $0.0567 respectively. Moreover, the stock is trading below the 200-Day moving average of $0.0860. The stock is down 47% in the past 6-month.
For years, Rogue One, Inc. (OTCMKTS: ROAG) has been a relatively quiet company with a focus on acquisition in the spirit and hospitality industries.  After some recent press releases caught my attention, highlighted by their acquisition of Human Brands International, Inc. ‘HBI’, I decided to look a bit deeper into this company’s story. While combing through the company’s filings, I found a Form 12B-25.  The form is meant to notify the SEC of a late filing, which at first glance may seem like bad news.  But, if you read the filing, there is a beautiful morsel of information that could mean significant changes are ahead for ROAG. In the form, there is a question that states: (3) Is it anticipated that any significant change in results of operations from the corresponding period for the last fiscal year will be reflected by the earnings statements to be included in the subject report or portion thereof? Yes  [X]   That means when ROAG does file we will see significant changes.   The form goes on to ask for an explanation of the anticipated changes.  ROAG’s answer states “The 3rd quarter 10-Q will show the consolidated financials of our recent acquisition of Human Brands which will show a significant increase in assets and revenues of the company.” When ROAG releases its Q3 10-Q we can anticipate impressive numbers.  HBI has generated an average of 302% revenue growth annually since 2015 and has increased its asset holding by 2000%.     ROAG’s Opportunity in the Massive Spirit Space ROAG is a vertically-integrated spirit and hospitality holding company with a focus on tequila.   The tequila market was one of the few industries that benefited from the pandemic growing to $9.41 billion in 2020, according to Forbes Business Insights. The market is forecasted to grow 46% to $14.70 billion USD by 2028 offering investors a 5.8% CAGR.  While tequila is ROAG’s focus, the company has award-winning brands in other categories as well.  Their Shinju Japanese Whiskey received a Gold award in a blind tasting at the 2021 John Barleycorn Awards. The global whiskey market was valued at $59.6 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $86.3 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 4.9% from 2020 to 2027. With their award-winning Shinju brand ROAG is in a prime position to benefit. Again, taking into account the information from their Form 12B-25, we could see impressive numbers from ROAG very soon. Start Your Research The takeover of HBI could be significant for ROAG. It could change the entire course of the company for investors. Keep ROAG stock on your Watch List as exciting news is coming.For more information, go to
Allied Energy Corp. (OTCMKTS: AGYP) assets grew in valuation as both WTI Crude and Brent Crude rose in value.  Global Oil Markets Whipsawed The global oil markets benefits are whipsawed by the omicron variant. OPEC’s production is unchanged as the variant impacts the world’s largest oil consumer — China.  President Biden has made little impact by tapping the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR). WTI and Brent settled higher last evening close to $80 per barrel again. When oil prices rise, AGYP’s stock valuation goes higher. This is a company that pumps new oil and gas from older and once-commercial wells in Texas. So far, it has hit oil in five wells. It is now exploring for a sixth well. And it has identified plenty of more. Oil Production/Demand In Uncharted Waters The rise and fall of global oil prices is due in part to US oil inventories dropping 68 million barrels since the start of this year. Oil producers and experts cannot accurately predict oil demand. Omicron threw worldwide oil demand and production into uncharted waters. In all of this, AGYP is an independent driller that thrives when oil prices rise. It sees many more oil and gas wells in Texas ready for exploration. Yesterday, AGYP stock rose 4.49% on this oil volatility. Fossil Fuels Still Dominate Energy Oil’s deep dependence globally still generates 80% of energy consumed. Conservationists may believe fossil fuels harm the environment, either way oil still dominates the world’s energy generation and isn’t going away anytime soon. Investors should consider AGYP stock because energy is volatile. Older, proven well sites are ripe for new oil. Exxon/Mobil A Victory? Conservationists declared a victory when they placed members on the Board of Exxon/Mobil. Yet, Exxon/Mobil is still budgeting for more fossil fuel exploration in 2022. As long as energy prices and supply remain volatile and fossil fuels remain in demand, oil prices will rise. Analysts at Bank of America, Jeffries and JP Morgan predict global oil will reach $150 per barrel or even higher in 2022. Exploring Well 1-H At Prometheus Site AGYP is exploring for more oil at well 1-H on its Prometheus site. AGYP tweeted its progress, starting operations at this Well. Well 1-H once pumped 335 barrels a day plus 298,000 cubic feet of natural gas. Last summer, an oil engineer estimated AGYP’s oil reserves at $32 million. But this assets under management (AUM) figure is calculated at prices per barrel at about half of today’s prices.  As oil prices rise, these assets will only gain value. Keep AGYP stock on your Watch List as oil and gas energy stocks are rising in value. Link to more news are at and This sponsored article is part of an investor education program.
Tom Kidrin, CEO of Real Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS: RLBD), said in an exclusive interview he anticipates a revised up list filing by year’s end. RLBD has already filed a Form 10 and is a fully reporting company.  “We will meet the 10% stock eligibility regulation and plan to file a revised legal opinion letter within a few weeks, by year’s end,” Kidrin says.”It will amend subsequent events.”  RLBD stock is currently traded on the OTC pink sheets. An up list would take RLBD stock to the OTCQB exchange.  Kidrin says that RLBD was founded by reverse merger. In his 35 years of executive managing public companies, this is his first on the pink sheets.  In The Middle Of Three-Way Investing  RLBD stock offers investors a compelling opportunity in the CBD and hemp branded space. RLBD is 23% equity owned by Turning Point Brands, Inc. (NYSE: TPB). TPB is the owner of core product brands Zig-Zag® and Stoker’s®. Both are in the alternative smoking space.  In turn, TPB equity is owned under 20% by hedge fund giant Standard General ‘SG’. SG is a privately-held company with reported $969.8 million total assets under management (AUM). It operates some 20 private funds.  David Glazek is Chairman at Turning Point Brands, Inc. and a partner at Standard General.  Kidrin said that once RLBD stock is up listed to the OTCQB exchange, the company will transition in 2022.  Strong Marketing Plans For 2022  “2021 was a year in which we had to reposition within the realities of the marketplace,” Kidrin says. “We built our sales team. We opened our Providence (Rhode Island) facility. We’ll have a much stronger performance in 2022 after we up list.”  After the new year, Kidrin has major plans for RLBD.  • In mergers & acquisitions, Kidrin says he is looking at acquiring an established CBD seltzer beverage company.  • He will expand the newly-launched PHAZE sports wellness line targeted to athletes. Now it is sold exclusively in its own online store. Next year, he plans to announce an international distribution arrangement.  • Kidrin said he is also discussing PHAZE brick-and-mortar sales with a major domestic distributor. That would mean sales at bodegas, convenience stores, gas stations and other frequently-visited locations.  • To raise the profile of planned CBD creams in cosmetics, he is actively talking with celebrity actress Sharon Stone. She would serve as an ‘influencer’ promoting the line on social media.  • Kidrin also says he is also negotiating with the agent for actor Johnny Depp to perform as an ‘influencer’ for a RLBD hemp line.  • He says he is planning a new golf driven CBD line and is in talks with major athletic groups.  “I have five major deals waiting for us after the up list,” Kidrin says. “Once that is finalized, everything else can start. I can announce them.”  Analysis Of CBD And Hemp Space  Kidrin had the foresight to see the potential of CBD and hemp. He did not view them as hallucinogens, but as anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety products.  “Now it is a commodity,” he says. “CBD can be purchased now for $8-$13 a pound. What makes RLBD special is that we have a proprietary formulation.” He cited the Company’s exclusive method to produce the RLBD product. “Our team created programming for molecular separation,” he says.  PHAZE consists of eight SKUs across a line consisting of gum, tinctures, topical creams and topical patches, In January, PHAZE will be extended with gummies in each of its four PHAZE groups. In 2022, the Company plans to expand PHAZE further from the current eight SKUs to some 20 products.  Learn more at: • Twitter  • LinkedIn  Keep Real Brands, Inc. on your Watch List as hemp-infused products and CBD are growing in importance to the investor community.  This sponsored article is part of an investor education program.
The case for Allied Energy Corp. (OTCMKTS: AGYP) is clear. This is an independent energy producer that has hit oil and gas at five wells on American soil. Now it is exploring for more at another promising well site. AGYP uses the newest technology to make old or abandoned wells commercial and productive again. It has proved it with five American wells in Texas producing oil and gas. Next is its third recently-acquired site where yet another well promises to pump more. Yesterday, President Biden made the case. He finally tapped the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) for 50 million gallons of oil. His goal is to reduce high prices at the gas pump. At best, the strategy is a band aid.  Any oil is precious today. The catalyst for AGYP is that it is a U.S. oil-producing Company. It makes old wells new and commercial again. Experienced management is applying new technology to older, abandoned commercial wells. The result is that these wells are commercial once again. The AGYP strategy of pumping oil from proven wells works long term. First, oil prices are spiraling higher globally: Yesterday, a tweet from Goldman documented Biden’s tapping of the SPR. “A Biden SPR release is now fully priced in and will send oil price even higher in 2022.”  It adds: “If such a release is confirmed and manages to keep oil prices depressed in the context of low trading activity into year-end, it would create clear upside risks…” Last evening, oil prices remained high in mixed results. WTI Crude settled at $78.61 per barrel and Brent Crude closed at $82.27, according to Is $120 per barrel coming soon?AGYP stock rose 1.33% last evening to $0.3040 in light volume of 135,747. It continues to rise as energy remains in short supply.Oil and gas prices globally are spiraling out of control. Bank of America predicts oil will hit $120 per barrel skyrocketing by next summer. Bloomberg quotes The Daily Mail reporting BOA’s Francisco Blanch, analyst, as predicting $120 barrel prices by summer 2022. It has already reached seven year highs. Second, AGYP has proven itself knowledgeable and experienced enough to take leased site wells and make them commercial again with new technology: • AGYP is an independent and eco-green. A fossil fuel company is green when it makes proven wells new producers. New 2021 techniques include horizontal ‘legs’, down hole drilling and fracking. The Company has already hit five wells on its leased Green site and Annie Gilmer site. Now it is focusing on finding even more oil at its acquired Prometheus site — all three are located in Texas. The 28 unit Well 1H at Prometheus is the newest and most promising additional well site. Earlier, it reported it hit oil on three of its wells on the Annie Gilmer site. It also hit oil at two more on its Green Lease site. And now it is exploring for more at its Prometheus site.  Third, it has many more oil wells yet to come. The AGYP catalyst is that it has many more well sites to explore. These include: Cameron #1 Deu Pree Field in Wood County was abandoned when the price of oil dropped to less than $10. It had already pumped 30,000 bbls.Continental State Bank #14, East Texas Field, Gregg County is also promising. This is a shut in well fully capable of commercial production. This well is located in an advantageous geologic position. Julia Finley Lease East Texas Field has eight shut in wells of which six are primed for production.Dora Hastings #1- R & #2 has two wells equipped for production.F. M. Ezzell #2, well is ready to be reworked for commercial production    Byers Heirs #2 Field in Wood County that in1997 produced 74 bbl. daily of heavy oil.  At Byers #1 Deu Press Field in Wood County, this well has produced 120,000 barrels of oil. It was abandoned in 1997, but technology has improved since then.  Fourth, AGYP Reserves Are $32 Million An oil engineer reported in OTC Filings on AGYP’s Proved, Possible and Probable reserves. For Green Lease Site he analyzed these reserves:  TOTAL:  $20,563,100 At the Annie Gilmer site, he reported: TOTAL: $12,194,800 This is $32 million combined in oil and gas reserves at early summer 2021 prices. Oil is significantly higher priced today. And the engineer never evaluated the reserves at the Prometheus site. Fourth, AGYP stock is still inexpensive as it is in the early stages of finding new domestic energy. As global oil prices jump, the U.S. is short supplies. AGYP is a promising stock and still priced low. But it is growing. Year-to-date it has jumped to  $0.3040 from $0.0560. AGYP stock is cheap and growing quick with its energy future in front of it. That’s significant growth since January 2021.  Keep AGYP on your energy watch list as it is seen producing more oil & gas in the future. Link to more news are at and
Due diligence is a state of mind.  Sure, every investment you make requires basic research to confirm the investment decision you’re making is sound, but that’s not what I’m referring to.  The due diligence mind state is possessed by those who hunt for that extra bit of information the rest of the crowd hasn’t found.  The delicious morsel that can give you a leg up in the markets. This is why I’m writing about AGYP.   Allied Energy Corp. (OTCMKTS:AGYP) is an energy development and production company acquiring oil & gas reserves in some of the most prolific hydrocarbon-bearing regions of the United States.   Its main focus is in the oil-rich Permian Basin located in Texas. Allied Energy’s differentiating factor is the company’s focus on reworking proven wells.  It eliminates alot of the cost and time oil & gas explorers generally waste searching for viable opportunities.  Knowing their leases have previously struck oil allows them to focus on one thing, getting the remaining resources out of the said lease, utilizing the newest cutting-edge techniques to rework old or abandoned wells. This strategy has paid off.  Since beginning their work on the Annie Gilmer and Green leases earlier this year, they have already started to produce at 5 wells between the two leases.  How many oil & gas exploration companies do you know that have gone from development to production in a few months? Their latest acquisition and potentially the next producing well, the Prometheus Project’s Well 1-H once pumped 335 barrels a day plus 298,000 cubic feet of natural gas. While all very exciting, especially for AGYP stockholders, I am writing today because I found something very interesting while deep in my due diligence process on the company. In a September tweet, the  Texas Railroad Commission “RRC” visited AGYP’s Green lease.  The Texas RRC through its Oil and Gas Division, regulates the exploration, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas in Texas.  While at the lease the RRC conducted an H-5 casing integrity test on the Green Leases saltwater disposal well.  The test was successful.  I started looking at AGYP’s filings and permits on the RRC site and found something AGYP stock shareholders and potential investors may have missed.   Currently, the Green Lease has 2 producing wells (3K and M1), however, if you look at this map you can see the Green Lease is littered with opportunities.  By my count, there are 4 additional oil wells (1,3,4, and 8) as well as 10 plugged wells (remember, plugged wells are right in AGYP’s wheelhouse plugging a well allows for re-pressurization).  Well 1 is a new permit but as you can see there may be more on the horizon. If you look at the P-4 form below you can see under Well numbers, they have noted “ALL”.  The P-4 is for operators who seek to operate any well.  As you can see AGYP has been cleared to operate on all of the above wells.  This is very interesting. If you consider the report from earlier this year by oil engineer Mark McBryde, where he found AGYP’s Proved, Possible and Probable reserves at the Green Lease is $20,563,100.  You can see why it is quite interesting that they are cleared to explore all of the wells at the lease. Be sure to keep AGYP on your watchlist and stay tuned to Top News Guide where we dig deeper to bring you the story. This sponsored article is part of an investor education program.
CarbonMeta Technologies (OTCMKTS: COWI) announces today it is launching a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Carbon Source, Inc. It is a green eco-system company that takes upcycled post-consumer plastic waste and turns it into 3D printing filament. The company recently changed its name to reflect this transition into a resource reclamation company. COWI stock offers an exciting green alternative energy opportunity. Making It Sustainable In an exclusive interview, Lloyd Spencer, chairman and CEO of parent COWI and president of subsidiary Carbon Source, Inc., says his job is to ‘help make the company’s activities sustainable.’ “We’re just starting up, but you are going to see some revenues in December and January 2022.” He added that through COWI stock the company is seeking to raise between $2.5 million-$5 million of capital to drive revenues. “We have already raised a little bit less than $500,000 in new capital in a Reg. A.,” he says. COWI stock is being offered to early investors. Solving The Problem Spencer, says, “The problem of upcycling post-consumer plastics is enormous, and we want to help solve this problem.” “Turning plastic waste streams into 3D printing products is an important goal, and making this a sustainable business for investors and our customers is equally important.” Spencer recalls he learned ‘long ago’  to get into a business early and as efficiently as possible. “We have already purchased equipment and we are very efficient. We can take the plastic from a water bottle at 99-100%.” The team at the Company is critical to its success. He credits engineers like Logan Kamla with being a “key” to making the project successful.  Increased Demand For 3D Printed Products  Also involved in the project, Bill Macy, president of Macy consulting says, “Demand for 3D printing filament products made from post-consumer plastics has been steadily growing over the past decade. Department of Defense agencies and commercial manufacturers have increased demand for 3d printed products that are made from post-consumer plastics to meet their net-zero initiatives.” To address this growing market, CarbonMeta Technologies’ subsidiary Carbon Source, Inc., will market and develop upcycled 3D printing filaments, the majority of which will be comprised of at least 50% post-consumer plastic wastes. A $1.96 Billion Market By 2026   Market Data Forecast research finds that the market COWI is serving is currently worth an estimated $698 million in 2021. But it is growing at a CAGR of 28.3% and is expected to reach $1.96 billion by 2026.  3D printing filaments can be made from a variety of thermoplastic materials which are found in recycled waste. However, as much as 80% of plastic waste is disposed of in landfills, waterways, or oceans. That means only a small percentage is actually recycled, and this is the major problem COWI is solving.   Marketing High Impact Polystyrene To help solve the problem, Carbon Source, Inc., is marketing High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) 3D printer filament and has plans to market 3D printer filaments comprised of at least 50% post-consumer products.  These are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET/PETE/PETG), Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) and Polyethylene.  Carbon Source plans to market custom 3D printer filament development programs to corporate, government and makerspace customers that want to upcycle waste plastic streams. Investors would be wise to put COWI on their watchlist. For more information about the Company, visit This sponsored article is part of an investor education program.
Water, water everywhere. But it costs $283 billion globally annually today to treat raw sewage properly and convert it into even reusable and clean water. It is still non-drinkable but can be applied to irrigation and water forestry. LifeQuest World  Corp. (OTCMKTS: LQWC), a clean water specialist company, uses its flagship product, BioPipe to lead the market in innovation.  Max Khan, CEO of LQWC, says worldwide treatment of wastewater offers his company several opportunities to grow. Khan predicts LQWC will become profitable in the calendar year 2022.   “The economics of this are so sweet,” declares Khan. We are a “Water as a Service (WaaS) Company.”  Investors must keep an eye out for LQWC’s dynamic jump into profitability. LQWC stock ended at $0.0730, off 0.14% on Friday. For the five-day period, however, the stock ended green.  As per Fortune Business Insights, the wastewater treatment market is now $283 billion today. But it will grow to $465 billion by 2028. It will exhibit a CAGR of 7.3%  from 2021-2028. It will offer LQWC several wastewater treatment choices.  LifeQuest World Corp.’s (OTCMKTS: LQWC) catalyst is a green eco-system strategy providing on-site biological sludge-free and chemical-free treatment of wastewater. It then reclaims that water for irrigation and industrial reuse and other applications.  Here are LQWC’s choices in a world of water-stressed nations and drinking water-short countries worldwide. Focus on more skyrocketing increases from wholly-owned subsidiary, BioPipe  Global Corp. It markets, sells and installs flagship product BioPipe. It specializes  in employing a chemical-free, biological treatment for reclaiming and converting  wastewater. The cleaner water can then be repurposed for other uses. This includes: irrigation, replenishing surface water, recharging aquifers, and more. Create more pilot projects globally for LQWC so it can demonstrate to clients  that BioPipe and its other specialty projects are low cost, efficient and effective.  LQWC already operates two in South Africa, one in Ethiopia, one in Turkey, one in the Philippines, and two in the U.S. in California. Clients include hotels, hospitals, multi-family buildings and more. BioPipe is a patented and proprietary product. It is 100% sludge free, chemical free, odor free  and highly scalable. LQWC is adding more partnerships, joint ventures and pilot projects to its client lists. But Khan says that LQWC has another unique opportunity. “We can go solo in the future,” Khan says. “We can completely own our pilot  projects and create a revenue stream we own and operate forever. This is a  ‘game changer’ for us and our shareholders. It is recurring revenue forever.”  LQWC can also focus more heavily on the after-market of wastewater treat ment. It can continue selling the sludge, fat and grease it generates. Its Goslyn™  device is used in commercial kitchens globally and gets rid of 95-99% of waste.  The byproducts create another revenue stream because bio-diesel plants buy it. “They come and pick it up,” he says. “You are paid about 32-42 cents per gallon  for materials you have cleaned out of the water. Consider cleaning a fast-food  restaurant kitchen, like a Popeyes or McDonalds.” Long term, LQWC has still more opportunities. It can develop potable, clean drinking water. It can then enter the drinking Water ATM machine market. This is growing worldwide exponentially. Booming increases are most pronounced in emerging countries in regions such as Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, according to Transparency Market Research.  For LQWC, “Our goal is to help municipalities, governments, businesses, and anyone else to be able to re-use treated water to improve the environment,”  Khan says. This is a green Company.  The opportunities for LQWC are astounding. Cleaning and creating reusable water is seen by Khan as an important but first element. The real strategy is taking control of its own future by owning pilot projects and creating a lifetime of recurring ring revenue stream.  LQWC is an innovative water treatment specialist now. But in 2022 when it turns a profit, Khan says, the Company can be a full-service WaaS with a difference. It can treat wastewater, sell its products, and also create non-potable and perhaps clean potable water.  For water-stressed nations short of water, LQWC can provide a valuable service and turn a profit at the same time.  Water is the new liquid gold. Keep LQWC on your Watch List as the Wastewater Treatment Industry grows globally in size and valuation. And watch LQWC grow its business in multi-billion dollar global markets.  This sponsored article is part of an investor education program.
Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: WHSI)’s Marc Cayle, newly hired VP of Innovation and Technology, says that he wants to develop a ‘Dealer Academy’ for WHSI to provide special customer care for the Company’s clients. “I see White Glove Concierge treatment and 4G as game changers for WHSI,” Cayle said in an exclusive interview. “We are coming out with the 4G iHelp MAX product at precisely the right time.” WHSI sells to a network of dealers who, in turn, sell remote control monitoring devices to end users. They include dealers, hospitals, medical facilities, businesses, consumers and others. “Customer care for dealers will differentiate WHSI in the marketplace,” he said. “WHSI will educate them. The Company would ‘certify’ dealers who attend and offer incentives to them.” For dealers, it would mean fewer service calls and happier end users. For WHSI, it would make a difference in the marketplace and a lifetime experience with consumers and dealers. This like peace-of-mind insurance for everyone. “What gets me out of bed in the morning and most excited is helping consumers thrive, not just survive. For their adult children this white glove treatment also means they can take vacations, travel and live life secure in the knowledge their loved ones are safe. Cayle is an 18-year veteran of the home health care industry. Prior to joining WHSI, he at one time had 250 caregivers in homes. Now he has joined WHSI full time as VP of Innovation and Development. By agreement with WHSI, he still owns one dealership. “It helps me keep my ears on the ground,” he says. Kayla describes himself as a born entrepreneur. Now as an equity-owner at WHSI he says he is an ‘intrapreneur.’ He is an entrepreneur within WHSI.  Part of the new experience is to help cut the attrition rate at WHSI after remote control monitoring devices sales are made. Cayle said WHSI’s products are playing an even more vital role now. Agencies are having a harder time finding qualified people to work in the home. Remote control devices are critical. One of the big issues in the remote control device industry he found is that elderly patients are reluctant to use them. They send them back. Fiscally, this means a high attrition rate on sales. Elderly patients in the industry ship back about 33% of products sold. “To me, this is an abysmal rate. At my agency, attrition was under 5%,” he concluded.  The reason is education in the home. He hopes to apply all he has learned to WHSI and lower its attrition rate. WHSI will be even more valuable early in 2022 when its 4G iHelp MAX product is launched.  “4G will be the catalyst for companies like WHSI in the remote monitoring PERS (Personal Emergency Response Solutions) industry,” Cayle comments. WHSI’s new remote monitoring device is being launched as the telecommunications industry is phasing out all 3G devices in 2022. AT&T and other providers are dropping 3G next year to make more spectrum room for 5G. WHSI is moving rapidly towards the telehealth market. WHSI’s iHelp MAX™ 4G will be ‘telehealth ready’ when it launches early next year. WHSI is developing  bio-sensor that can deliver vitals such as temperature,pulse and heart rate into a portal. “It is exciting when the 4G iHelp MAX is pairing with peripherals,” he says. Cayle joins WHSI to help launch the 4G iHelp MAX product.It will offer GPS tracking services plus remote patient monitoring (RPM). It will have body mounted sensors and artificial intelligence (AI). Fall detection and geofencing are other features. It features Wi-Fi, NFC (wireless data transfer) technology and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy features. Cayle said, “It is the most advanced product in the market and boasts affordable, easy-to-use technology never seen before in the palm of your loved one’s hand. we will truly change the life of every circle of care participant who wants their loved one to thrive, not just survive.” Cayle says that the first samples of the 4G iHelp MAX have arrived at WHSI headquarters and need to be certified prior to market entry. WHSI is combining its ‘smart’ remote monitoring products with artificial intelligence (AI), Blue Tooth, Backend As A Service (Baas), IoT, Wi-Fi, Central Cloud Management and in 2022 4G telecommunications.    Keep WHSI on your watch list as it integrates technology into its remote control monitoring products. For more information, go to This sponsored article is part of an investor education program.


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