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Live analysis and score updates for the Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball game against the Virginia Tech Hokies on Wednesday night at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia. 
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Kihei Clark receives the in-bounds pass and is immediately fouled. Clark makes the first, but misses the second free throw and Virginia Tech gets the ball back down just two points. Virginia Tech gets two wide open looks from three to win the game but misses both. The first was from Hunter Cattoor, who sprang free off of a screen and just barely missed his three-point attempt. Virginia Tech kept the ball alive on the rebound and the ball came to Storm Murphy for another three-point attempt from the right wing, but his shot missed off the right side of the rim as well and time expires. Virginia picks up an extremely hard-fought victory over Virginia Tech in the Commonwealth Clash. 
Virginia Tech 52, Virginia 53 | 14.2 remaining
Keve Aluma attempts a right hook over Caffaro but it rims out. UVA runs the shot clock down, then Reece Beekman's shot is blocked by Justyn Mutts resulting in a UVA shot clock violation. Keve Aluma faces up and drives on Francisco Caffaro, but slips and falls to the ground and he is called for a travel. The ball goes back to Virginia with 14.2 seconds left and UVA still holding a 53-52 lead. 
Virginia Tech 52, Virginia 53 | 1:16 2H
Keve Aluma drives left on Caffaro and scores off the glass with his left hand. Caffaro draws a foul from Justyn Mutts and Caffaro makes one of two to make it 52-49 with under three minutes to play. Jayden Gardner drives inside before passing off to Caffaro, who finishes at the rim to bring UVA within one. Caffaro has 16 points (and nine rebounds) and leads all Virginia scorers. Caffaro and Gardner double Aluma in the post, resulting in a Virginia Tech turnover. On UVA's next possession, Armaan Franklin is fouled on a floater by Nahiem Alleyne and makes both free throws to give Virginia a 53-52 lead with a minute and a half remaining. 
Virginia Tech 50, Virginia 48 | 3:30 2H
Francisco Caffaro is fouled and earns a trip to the free throw line, this time making both to give UVA a two-point lead. Storm Murphy shakes Kihei Clark off of a screen and drains the catch-and-shoot three from the right wing. Nahiem Alleyne falls to the floor, leaving Kody Stattmann wide open for a jumper. Alleyne then hits a three-pointer on the other end to put the Hokies back in front. Keve Aluma gets a right hook to fall over Kadin Shedrick as the shot clock expired. Jayden Gardner finally scores as he makes a baseline jumper. Kadin Shedrick erases Aluma's shot off the backboard and eventually Reece Beekman grabs the defensive rebound, but Kihei Clark misses a contested pull-up jumper at the end of the shot clock on the ensuing UVA possession. 
Virginia Tech 42, Virginia 42 | 7:47 2H
Kadin Shedrick blocks Storm Murphy's floater attempt at the free throw line and Reece Beekman knifes to the basket for a layup on the other end to give UVA the lead. Kihei Clark springs free off of a screen to the corner and splashes the catch-and-shoot jumper with his foot on the line. Hunter Cattoor drives on Beekman before turning and hitting a fadeaway jumper. Keve Aluma drives the baseline and dumps off to John Ojiako for a dunk to tie the game again. There have been nine ties and nine lead-changes in the game. 
Virginia Tech 38, Virginia 38 | 12:01 2H
Jayden Gardner continues to struggle against the size of Virginia Tech's bigs, as UVA's leading scorer has been held to just two points on 1/8 shooting so far. Keve Aluma drives on Kadin Shedrick and scores with a foul. Shedrick picks up his third foul and Francisco Caffaro checks back in. Aluma completes the three-point play at the line to tie the game at 33. Caffaro is fouled as he rolled to the basket and goes to the free throw line, once again making one of two. Keve Aluma spins on Caffaro and scores with the right hook. Gardner's layup comes up short but Caffaro is there for the putback. Aluma responds with a corner three on the other end and Virginia Tech retakes the lead. Aluma now has 18 points to lead all scorers. Armaan Franklin drives through the middle of the paint and is fouled on his way to the rim. Franklin makes both free throws to tie the game at 38. 
Virginia Tech 30, Virginia 33 | 15:30 2H
Justyn Mutts spins and gets a right hook to fall to tie the game on Virginia Tech's first possession of the second half. Storm Murphy drives past Beekman and scores with a reverse layup to give the Hokies the lead. Reece Beekman gets free on the baseline and dunks over Keve Aluma. Hunter Cattoor dishes to Nahiem Alleyne, who splashes the corner three. Reece Beekman jumps a passing lane and comes up with a steal, leading to his second dunk of the half. Francisco Caffaro spins on Mutts in the low post and finishes off the glass and UVA regains the lead. Caffaro then hangs tough with Aluma on the defensive end and forces a missed shot and grabs a strong defensive rebound – great sequence for Caffaro, who started the second half at center instead of Kadin Shedrick. Reece Beekman finds a cutting Armaan Franklin who finishes at the rim through a lot of contact from Justin Mutts. 
Virginia Tech-Virginia men's basketball halftime stats
Francisco Caffaro is fouled after receiving the pocket pass and makes one of two free throws. Jayden Gardner does not give an inch to Keve Aluma in the post and forces a heavily contested fadeaway that misses. Gardner gets a good look from the corner late in the half but it misses and Virginia ends the half on a field goal drought of nearly four minutes. Nonetheless, UVA takes a two-point lead into halftime. 
Virginia Tech 23, Virginia 24 | 2:07 1H
Kadin Shedrick is back in the game with those two fouls. Keve Aluma drives on Shedrick and scores through some contact to give the Hokies the lead. Reece Beekman hands off to Armaan Franklin, who once again elevates for a mid-range jump shot from the free throw line. Kihei Clark pulls up for a three-pointer from the left wing and drains it with Storm Murphy's hand in his face. Murphy responds by getting loose for an open three on the other end. Keve Aluma's late three hits the backboard and Virginia forces its second shot-clock violation of the game. 
Virginia Tech 18, Virginia 19 | 7:09 1H
Caffaro makes one of two free throws to extend the UVA lead to three. After a Virginia Tech travel, Armaan Franklin gets to his spot at the left elbow and elevates for a mid-range jumper. Kihei Clark jumps a passing lane and starts a fast-break before kicking it out to Armaan Franklin, who splashes the transition three. UVA is on a 10-0 run and has opened up a 17-9 lead. Keve Aluma scores in the post to stop the Virginia run. Jayden Gardner's transition layup is blocked by Keve Aluma and Hunter Cattoor hits a fadeaway jumper on the other end. Kody Stattmann has his shot blocked, which leads to a Hunter Cattoor pull-up three and Virginia Tech is on a 7-0 run. Jayden Gardner hits his patented mid-range jumper to stop the run. Keve Aluma dives to the basket and catches the pass from Justyn Mutts for the layup. Virginia's 10-0 run gave the Cavaliers a lead as large as eight but Virginia Tech's 7-0 run makes it a one-point game. 
Virginia Tech 9, Virginia 11 | 11:57 1H
Virginia works the high-low and Jayden Gardner dumps down to Francisco Caffaro, who finished the right-handed layup off the glass to give the Cavaliers their first lead of the game. Virginia's smothering defense forces a shot-clock violation, as Kihei Clark deflected a pass into the Virginia Tech back court and Storm Murphy did not realize the shot clock was winding down. Francisco Caffaro grabs an offensive board and is fouled. 
Virginia Tech 9, Virginia 9 | 13:27 1H
Kadin Shedrick picks up his first foul 16 seconds into the game, fouling Keve Aluma as he rolled to the basket off of a screen. Aluma makes both free throws to get the scoring started. Armaan Franklin curls off of a screen a hits a floater from the free throw line to get UVA on the board. Storm Murphy spins on Kihei Clark and hits a fadeaway jumper. Multiple offensive rebounds leads to a Reece Beekman layup on UVA's third point-blank shot of the possession. Storm Murphy has had multiple open looks from three but has missed them so far- that is not going to last for long. Kadin Shedrick picks up his second foul three minutes in on a moving screen and is immediately replaced on the floor by Francisco Caffaro. Storm Murphy uses a screen to get inside and kicks out to Hunter Cattoor for a wide-open corner three. Reece Beekman responds by making a heavily-contested pull-up three at the end of the shot clock. After Caffaro initially played solid defense on Keve Aluma and did not let him get close to the basket, Aluma was able to drive past Caffaro for a layup late in the shot clock. Francisco Caffaro gets a putback to go on the other end to tie the game. 
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