Global Nickel Market Trends – Mining Technology

Following a 4.2% decline in 2020 due to COVID-19, nickel production is witnessing a rebound driven by demand from stainless steel and electric vehicle (EV) battery markets.
Mining Technology monitors the world nickel market by analysing nickel price trends and country-wise nickel production, consumption, export and import data. We also track the performance of nickel mining companies and major nickel mines around the globe.
The global nickel mine output is forecast to exceed 2.7Mt by 2025, according to GlobalData.
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GlobalData forecasts data for 15 commodities of 60 leading mining countries, with 70 reports per year covering supply & demand, key projects, activities of major mining companies and fiscal regimes.

Mining Technology presents price charts showing monthly nickel prices and the global nickel price trend over the last 12 months.
Nickel prices have increased over the last 12 months but are likely to moderate over the next 12 months due to increased supply.
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Mining Technology ranks the top nickel producing companies in the world by comparing the annual production volumes of major nickel mining companies in different regions.
MMC Norilsk Nickel was the world’s biggest nickel miner in 2020, followed by Vale and Glencore.
The ten biggest nickel miners in the world together accounted for 39% of the global total nickel output in 2020.
Source: GlobalData

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Mining Technology has identified the world’s leading nickel producing countries from a comprehensive database that is regularly updated with the nickel output of each producing country.
Indonesia, the Philippines and Russian Federation were the biggest sources of nickel in 2020.
The world’s top ten nickel producing countries together accounted for 93% of the global nickel output in 2020.

Mining Technology keeps track of the production of major nickel mining projects to find out the world’s biggest nickel mines.
With an output of 71.6 thousand tonnes, Sorowako Mine in Indonesia was the world’s biggest nickel mine by production in 2020.
The ten biggest nickel mining operations in the world together contributed 21% of the global nickel output in 2020.
Source: GlobalData

Mining Technology lists the major upcoming nickel mines in the world by comparing annual production capacities of upcoming nickel mining projects.
The Kingash Project in Russia is the biggest upcoming nickel mine with an annual production capacity of 0.072Mt.
The Bahodopi Project in Indonesia and the Sulawesi Project in Indonesia are amongst the other major upcoming nickel mines with capacities of 0.070Mt and 0.046Mt, respectively.
Source: GlobalData