First-of-its-kind eye drop promises better vision –
CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – Do you wish you didn’t have to wear your readers, or hold labels far away from your face in order to see the words? Well, there’s a new eye drop out there promising to make that wish come true. The question is how well does it work?
“I need my readers all the time. I’m constantly picking them up and putting them on just to see my phone or a medicine bottle,” said Catherine Kelli of Chesapeake.
Kelli says she wants to do all she can to avoid bifocals. Her eye doctor, Shane Swatts of Eastern Virginia Eye Associates, recommended Vuity.
“The way it’s being marketed is it’s the holy grail of getting rid of reading glasses,” said Dr. Swatts.
The FDA approved Vuity last October. It is the first, and only, FDA-approved eye drop to treat presbyopia, commonly known as age-related blurry near vision.
“It’s one of the conditions in eye care that you’re definitely going to get. It’s not an ‘if.’ It’s a ‘when,’” said Dr. Swatts.
Dr. Swatts says one drop per day lasts approximately six to eight hours. Kelli gave it a shot.
“They had told me that, like, you’ll be able to read the box in about 15 minutes.”
By the time she got home, she could read the tiniest words on the bottle without readers.
“I just kept going around the house to everything, like, I can see this, I can see this, I can see this, and it was, it’s pretty neat,” said Kelli.
Potential side effects include momentary burning when the drop hits your eye, or a mild headache that goes away in about 15 minutes. Kelli says she didn’t experience either, and she’s already making plans.
“In the summer I could see myself taking a book to read at the pool and just having sunglasses instead of trying to have the reading sunglasses.”

“It’s been an overwhelmingly positive response to it.”
Right now eye doctors have samples of the drops. The cost of a bottle is $80. It is not covered by insurance.

The drop must be prescribed.
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