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Illustration of a woman traveling alone. Doc. Pegipegi
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Despite the pandemic, people’s desire to go outside seems unstoppable. It was proven by the significant rise of tour activities in the late 2021. Yet, Corporate Senior Manager of Pegipegi, Busyra Oryza claimed it was a good sign, so long maintaining health protocols and checking whether the destination obeys Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment Sustainability (CHSE) by the government.
According to him, he has predicted 5 tourism trends in 2022 by cooperating with Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry. The following are those prediction:
The most common decision made by people for holiday is staycation. In addition to relieve stress, people won’t need to go far and instead are able to relax in a hotel and enjoy its facilities.
-CHSE Certified
Amid pandemic, people always prioritize health, especially during travels. Tourists tend to seek destinations that have standardized health protocols or CHSE certificate. Quite the contrary prior to pandemic where people seek a cheap destinations, nowadays people prioritize safety and comfort than price.
-Road Trip
Road trip recently has been a trend for travelers, especially driving one’s own car. A safe and comfortable trip either with family, friends is a sure way to establish and maintain strong relationship for enjoyable future.
Nature Detour
Wandering around aimlessly might be fun, especially when stumbled upon a hidden location that offers views unlike others. Thus youngsters in today’s age explores unknown places with nature as its background for photos and upload it on their social media.
-Tech Adaptation
Technology advancement certainly has its benefits. This benefits are utilized by accommodation and tour managements to seek and obtain their clients. Among the benefits reaped from technologies used included tickets, lodging reservations.
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